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Types of couples on Facebook

  • Published at 06:25 pm March 23rd, 2015

Texting was too personal Clearly love talk over the phone was getting way too little attention for their liking, so they found a nice little replacement – status comment style. No one enjoys the boo and bae romancing it out on the news feed while liking the cat and food photos. Not only does this get their exes noticing, if there are any, but nuts off their friends as well in frustration.

TMI syndrome They’re cool most of the time, until one writes something surprising and awkward enough to get all the admirers “oohing” and their friends “naahing.” Private acts should be kept private, yet they seem to find their adventures in each others land of wilderness worth sharing to the world. Even if it’s an inside joke, people naturally assume it’s something icky. Too much information syndrome only proves you can’t trust these folks with much, for they love to share, and often inappropriately.

Time is of the essence It starts with days, then weeks, then months when it comes to (state time) -versary celebrations for these jolly folks. They are clearly deep in love, living in the moment and counting the seconds they have with each other. Well, it’s cute at first, but after the first few weekaversaries, it starts to creep onto everyone’s nerves.

You complete me Matching t-shirts, completing love-quoted wristbands, bae-printed phone covers...a tad too much maybe? We may not know what love looks like, but trying intentionally to show it off and making it obviously obvious makes everyone go oblivious.

Got a room, wanna see? The next level after the TMI syndrome, they prefer to illustrate their love instead. It takes no Sherlock to notice the backgrounds of their “early morning at his place” and “wild night” pics. No one wants to see that. They put the same thought into every viewers mind – someone should tell them we’re not curious about what their hicky looks like.

War of the words The most dramatic of them all, this couple lashes out at each other in passive-aggressive statuses referring to the other in third person. They tend to break up and patch up more than a teenager’s shoelaces, and at a certain point, it begins to test everyone’s patience. If you’re extremely unlucky, you would happen to be close to these hate-birds, and involved in their love life, then it’s lemons in life for you.