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You know you’re 30 when...

  • Published at 12:39 pm March 18th, 2015

It’s hard to focus on the well known saying the age is just a number, when we’re bombarded with articles titled, “40 is the new 20.” Seriously, who cares? However, most of us that have crossed the bridge from our 20s into 30s know a whole lot of things can change.

Sound effects Think about every movement you make. Suppose you sit down on a comfy seat after being on your toes for an extended period of time. It kind of sounds like, “Ahhhh,” as opposed to the grunt that comes from your mouth when you’re trying to chill and have to get up unexpectedly.

Babysitter’s club Even though it seems like it was just yesterday when we were belting out “Go Shawty, it’s yo birthday,” at random clubs, things have taken a very different route these days. Chances are that you’ll see the baby niece that you cradled in your arms, twerking in a sad excuse for a dress. While there is nothing wrong with their personal choices, the over 30 brigade can often feel like aliens in big clubs. We actually prefer lounge-like settings where we can actually hear ourselves speak.

Musical madness The music we grew up loving is now considered “retro.” What’s worse is when one of your favourite tunes gets the dubstep treatment in a new remix and people ask you if you’ve heard of the coolest new song trending at the moment. Worse still? When your 20-year old cousin asks you if you’ve ever heard “Learning to fly” from John Mayer, and when you try to set them straight they act as if Tom Petty is a myth.

Slave to trends no more You’ve been around long enough to know what makes you look good and don’t feel the need to embarrassingly embrace every ridiculous trend out there. Neon green faux leather moto jacket, embellished with epaulets? No thanks!

Your metabolism takes a hike Just looking at a greasy pizza pie seems to make you feel bloated. Not to mention the fact that you may have to take some medicine before meal so you don’t suffer from a bad case of heartburn. You can forget all the trashy delights you were able to indulge in without having to counteract the effects with regular work outs.

Young, dumb and full of what? You can’t help but silently judge world-weary 20 somethings that think they know it all. Seriously? It’s not as if all 30 somethings have all the answers but watching some young ones thinking that they have all aspects of their life under control is just plain funny. We want to help, but people need to make mistakes to learn how to not repeat them.