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Mosquitoes pester Khulna due to lack of steps

  • Published at 06:36 pm March 5th, 2015

A mosquito infestation in Khulna has increased in magnitude due to a lack of preventive measures.

In a situation where conventional preventions like mosquito coils and aerosol sprays cannot deliver people from mosquitoes, Khulna City Corporation has started using foggers to administer pesticide across 31 wards since Monday.

Residents like Sohag Haoladar from the Nirala residential area claim that the problem is paramount, and KCC initiatives have not helped: “No measure is working, and we have to enter into mosquito nets as soon as it gets dusk. This year’s problem is worse than in previous years.”

Echoing Sohag’s sentiment, Amzad Hossain, a resident of Tupara, Khulna, adds credibility to the feeling that this year’s problem is more severe than in previous years: “Maintenance work is underway in various areas of Khulna. The drainage canals have been clogged by these activities. As a result, spawning of mosquitoes has increased manifold.”

Mosquitoes generally breed as winter fades and summer begins. Usually the KCC is active in dealing with the issue, but this season is yet to see necessary efforts from the people responsible.  Safroon Begum from Nirala said there has not been any KCC activity regarding mosquito infestation in her area.

On the other hand, the conservancy division of the city corporation informed they have undertaken procedures to deal with this issue. Workers are spraying light diesel through hand-pumps from February 26. 

Conservancy Officer Md Anisur Rahman said: “in addition to the hand-pumps, 41 employees are operating 41 foggers in 31 wards of Khulna since Monday.

Mosquitoes should come under control within a week. Simultaneously, 31 others will be administering light diesel through hand pumps in 31 wards.”

Foggers will be used to administer Adulticyte and pumps for spraying light diesel. The KCC has procured 10,000 litres of pesticide and 4,872 litres of diesel for this purpose, and fresh supplies will be procured as soon as half of the current stock is used, the officer said.

Residents have complained of discomfort and ill health in areas where diesel has been sprayed.

Throat irritation, inflammation of the eyes and skin, and difficulties in breathing have been the primarly problems faced by Khulna residents.

Shafiqueul Islam from Powerhouse mor said he and his fellow businesspeople were troubled shortly after the KCC sprayed diesel in the vicinity. This was unlike any other previous year, and he questioned the quality of the chemicals KCC is using.

Anisur Rahman blames the mixture of diesel in such incidents. He has instructed his staff to be extra careful about the proportions of the chemicals. The problem should subside automatically, he hopes.