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Shafi Mondal’s Guru Go his first electronic fusion album

  • Published at 06:59 pm December 23rd, 2014
Shafi Mondal’s Guru Go his first electronic fusion album

Shafi Mondol, known for his rendition of folk songs an in particular, Lalon songs, lends his voice to folk album “Guro Go” which will be remixed by renowned disc-jockey, DJ Rahat.

Some 11 popular fast-paced folk songs feature in the album including five by Lalon, five by Baul Shah Abdul Karim and one by Jasimuddin.

Shafi Mondol told the Dhaka Tribune: “When DJ Rahat approached me to do an album of folk songs I consented on two conditions. First, the singing style, especially for the Lalon songs, should follow the original form that I use and second, no distortion of tune or rhythm can be made.”

“I performed Lalon songs in their authentic form while technology has been used to make it more acceptable to the youth,” he said.

Shafi Mondol, a leading Lalon song practitioners who has previously produced two Lalon albums “Gurukey Goponey Rakhbo” and “Bhaab,” added that two songs on the album, “Ami opar hoye” and “Amay bhashaili re,” which won’t be digitally remixed.

Masum Hossain, the keyboardist of Souls, composed the music for the album.

Produced by Aage, the album was released on December 16.