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60,000 students attend classes inside ‘risky’ school buildings

  • Published at 07:16 pm November 21st, 2014

A hundred and eighty-nine government run primary school buildings in Barisal have been marked “risky” by the district primary education department.

Although renovation and reconstruction work of 146 buildings have already begun, students are still attending classes amid risks because of lack of alternative locations.

The building of Kawnia Government Municipal Primary School, built in 1994 in ward 2 under the Barisal City Corporation, started to gradually fall apart a few months ago. 

Reconstruction of the building, that accommodates more than 400 students, is going on at a snail’s pace. Students are still attending classes although it is risky, said Baby Haldar, headmaster of the school.

Last week four students sustained injuries when a portion of plaster fell on them inside a classroom. Students are loosing interest to come to school these days, she said.

More than 60,000 students in the 189 schools are currently facing the risk of being crushed down by dilapidated school buildings.

Local guardians and some of the school authorities claimed that the low quality materials used in constructing the school buildings were responsible for the quick decay.

Most of these buildings were built only two decades ago, they said.

Barisal District Primary Education Officer Towhidul Islam said there were a total of 1,513 government run primary schools in Barisal.

Reconstruction of 149 schools have already started while the rest would be done in the near future, he said.

The buildings of Sirajia Government Primary School and Chahuta Primary School on the outskirts were found in dire straits.

Officer Towhidul Islam said: “We can do nothing. Reconstruction and repairs of buildings require time, but most of the schools have no alternative space to provide education.”