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HRW: Publish RMG inspection reports

  • Published at 04:59 am May 28th, 2014

The Human Rights Watch has called upon authorities to publish the findings of the inspection of the garment factories in Bangladesh, what was launched about a year ago.

In a report published on Wednesday, the HRW called for making the report accessible to the factory workers and and published in Bangla for their convenience.

“Efforts for safer garment industry in Bangladesh and protecting the workers' rights will not succeed unless details of all the inspections are published,” HRW Asia Director Phil Robertson said.

“Workers need this information so they can make informed decisions about whether it is safe to enter their factories,” he added.

The move for factory inspection came after over a thousand death in the Rana Plaza collapse in April last year followed by over a hundred deaths at Tazreen Fashions.

The Government of Bangladesh is responsible for inspecting about 1,500 factories, the report said. “Some are in shared buildings and are believed by experts to be the most at risk.”

“The government and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) have set up a website to publish the inspection data, but to date nothing has been published.”

The report cited a confidential inspection officer to state that it was not yet decided whether to publish results of the investigation carried out by experts.

“A factory owner told HRW that, prior to the Rana Plaza disaster, safety inspections were intended to make factories look good on the paper, rather than to ensure workers' safety.”

The human rights watchdog stressed for the importance of allowing trade unions in the factories.

“Independent trade unions are key to ensuring that workers are not mistreated or forced to work in unsafe factories,” HRW Asia Director Robertson said.

The government needs to make sure that activities against the formation of independent trade unions are stopped immediately, he added.