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Their words

  • Published at 03:04 am May 20th, 2014

“Has the party [BNP] changed its anti-Indian stance in politics? It is better to know that they have finally changed their stance. Not only the Awami League, but also the BNP has become an agent of India”

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made the remarks at an informal discussion between the prime minister and the panel of ministers after the cabinet’s regular meeting at the secretariat on Monday.

“I have no doubt. He [Ershad] killed the then president Ziaur Rahman and hanged around 15 freedom fighter army officers to pave way for him to assume power”

Liberal Democratic Party chief Col (retd) Oli Ahmed made the claim on Monday.

“Farmers have urged the government to bring down prices of the agriculture inputs to their purchasing capacity and to reduce the costs of production and ensure fair selling prices"

Founding director and Head of News of Channel I Shykh Seraj made the remarks at a pre-budget meeting in the finance ministry auditorium on Monday.

“There are channels on which cable operators run films and other programmes from CDs. Those must not be allowed to be aired anymore. The government has been recommended to shut down the channels as well as to take action against the operators"

AKM Rahmatullah, chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Information Ministry, made the statement in a press conference after a meeting of the committee on Monday.