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Dr Kamal issues rejoinder over PM's statement

  • Published at 09:22 am May 19th, 2014

Dr Kamal Hossain has contradicted Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina regarding his role in 1975 after the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Kamal issued a rejoinder in response to reports quoting Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that he was “unavailable despite repeated requests” after the assassination.

The report run by UNB on Saturday and later resourced by newspapers said the then foreign minister Kamal did not help Hasina or her sister Rehana after the August 15 assassination.

Sheikh Hasina is quoted as saying "When the father of the nation was assassinated, his foreign minister was also in West Germany, but he neither helped me nor my sister Sheikh Rehana after August 15, 1975... Even he did not respond to Sheikh Rehana's repeated requests to arrange a press conference..."

In response to the report, on Monday, Dr Kamal Hossain & Associates issued a rejoinder.

“We can understand that loss of memory is perhaps inevitable after the traumatic experience of August 15, 1975,” the rejoinder said.

“But, we are sad to see that this can lead to a misreading, and indeed attempted rewriting of history.”

“We can understand that loss of memory is perhaps inevitable after the traumatic experience of August 15, 1975.”

Dr Kamal Hossain & Associates incorporated “the actual history” of the post-assassination contribution of Kamal Hossain in the rejoinder.

“In August 1975 Dr Kamal Hossain, as foreign minister of Bangladesh, under Bangabandhu, was on an official visit to Belgrade, Yugoslavia, where he was informed on August 15 of the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the murder of members of his family.”

“At that time, the Government of Yugoslavia discussed with him the question of asylum for Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana, the sole survivors of Bangabandhu's family.”

Instead of returning to Dhaka, Kamal Hossain then flew directly to Bonn precisely in order to meet Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana who were at that time visiting the city and had been given shelter by Ambassador Humayun Rashid Chowdhury...”

Father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was brutally murdered along with his family by army members on August 15, 1975.

Initially with the Awami League, Kamal Hossain later broke away and formed Gono Forum in 1992.

The full rejoinder has been attached to this report for your viewing pleasure.