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Minute-by-minute: India V Sri Lanka

  • Published at 10:51 am April 6th, 2014
Minute-by-minute: India V Sri Lanka

India Squad :  RG Sharma, AM Rahane,V Kohli,Yuvraj Singh,SK Raina, MS Dhoni*†, R Ashwin, RA Jadeja, A Mishra, B Kumar, MM Sharma

Sri Lanka Squad: MDKJ Perera, TM Dilshan, DPMD Jayawardene, KC Sangakkara†, AD Mathews, HDRL Thirimanne, NLTC Perera, KMDN Kulasekara, SMSM Senanayake, HMRKB Herath, SL Malinga*

10:27pm Jahan Mithun: WC T20 2009 held in England, pakistan won, 2010 hosted by West Indies won by England, Next hosted by Sri Lanka and won by previous host West Indies, This time hosted by Bangladesh the trend goes on! previous host Sri Lanka is the champion! Will the trend continue? will the next tournament clinched by the current host! Surely..  

10:26pm SRI LANKA WIN THE 2014 World T20! And Sangakkara is the man of the hour!!

10:26pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: And the jinx is finished! Sri Lanka at last win an ICC tournament! Perrera launched the ball straight over the bowler to finish the match

10:25pm Jahan Mithun: two fours in a row! Sanga scored 50! What a batter! what an ambassador of cricket!

10:22pm Jahan Mithun: 6! perera muscled throgh a slog sweep! six number 300 in the tournament!!

10:20pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: 4 again! with a rank long hope Sangakkara drove like Michael Schumakhar! no one can even dream to catch that!

10:19pm Jahan Mithun: Now! that is like Ranjit Singji! what a glance! what delicacy! oh Sanga you are unbelievable!

10:18pm Zeeshan Khan: Its becoming ridiculous now. A boundary on third man and SL are punching holes in India too big to treat!

10:16pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: four!Sanga is pushing hard now!

10:15pm Zeeshan Khan: And another boundary.. Bleeding runs and India has nothing to dress the wound with!

10:10pm Zeeshan Khan:India fielding well finally. Balls aren’t getting through and the required run rate steadily climbs. Can India win this yet?

10:07pm Syed Faiz Ahmed:Thirimanne gone! faintest of the edge to the keeper. And the leggie Mishra has done it ! is it the commencement of the sliding! mind you Sri Lanka has become habit of losing finals while India win from anywhere! They even defended 120 in the champions trophy final

10:05pm Zeeshan Khan: Mishra attacking, and claiming a wicket! SL are four down and it's anyone’s game again.

9:59pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: Lara is paramount for me in batting, but sanga will be the one who will be in the memories forever, the stylish left hander has given so much pleasure. Take my bow great man

9:58pm Faruq Hasan: And the dream not to be. Jaya caught by a diving Ashwin. SL in a spot of bother now, but still in the driving seat

9:58pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: Jaya gone! he is caught at mid off!!Raina picked up the wicket, good catch

9:57pm Zeeshan Khan: The veterans are showing the new crop how its done. Another 4 by Jaya!

9:54pm: Syed Faiz Ahmed: Sri Lanka cruising now, need 73 from 66 balls

9:54pm Faruq Hasan: Jaya sweeps, and sweeps for a four, beating the deep square leg fielder. SL batters should just play orthodox shots to reach home

9:53pm Zeeshan Khan: SL ahead by 4 runs, and Sanga hits it for a brilliant 6, widening the gap. The Lions are pulling away nicely and its slipping out of India’s grip..

9:52pm Faruq Hasan: Indian bowlers not nearly getting as much turn now. Wicket still seems slow, but not much purchase off it

9:52pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: up in the air! but the ball landed safe! another two runs for Sri Lanka need 84 moe runs from 12 overs


Faruq Hasan: Sanga comes together with Jaya. It would be poetic if these two can ride off into the sunset with the trop


Zeeshan Khan:Kohli strikes again! and this time in the field! a brilliant catch denying SL a much needed six. and taking Dilshan with it!

9:45pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: Dilshan gone! caught at deep by virat in the bowling of Ashwin! that could be a twist of the tale


Faruq Hasan: Runs coming thick and fast. Dhoni looking worried


Syed Faiz Ahmed: another four!! even chickier! ball flew over keepers head!


Zeeshan Khan: What a 4! Dishan just guides the ball towards third man and finds the boundary.


Syed Faiz Ahmed: Both Dilshan and Mahela is looking calm and composed, 28 after four overs, chase looks easy


Zeeshan Khan: And another! 106 from 98. Its a comfortable chase


Zeeshan Khan: Pulled away towards square leg for a 4!

9:35pm Zeeshan Khan:Cheeky shot by Jayawardane, and it goes for a 4!


Faruq Hasan: And that was a scare for Dilshan. Ball hits the stumps after taking a deflection off Dhoni’s pads


Syed Faiz Ahmed: Dilshan glanced through fine leg for a boundary, Srilanka 12 after two overs


Syed Faiz Ahmed: Let the great Mahela finish with a winning moment with his bosom friend Sanga

9:23pm Faruq Hasan: And the first SL wicket! Perera plays a nothing shot, comfortably taken at mid-on. But that only brings the effervescent Sanga to the pitch. Will he take his team home in his last T20 match for the islanders?


Sri Lanka lost first wicket



Faruq Hasan: First boundary for SL. Their batters don’t have to take any major risks, and should canter to their first ever T20 WC

Perera and Dilshan opening the chase in persuit of 130

9:06pm Zeeshan Khan: As predicted, India just doesn’t post huge totals unless they are chasing. The tale of the tape says India has won 9 times and SL have won 8 times when they have met in finals. Will this be the match that levels the score?

Faruq Hasan: And the maestro is finally out in the last delivery. India finish with a poor 130/4. The game is now Sri Lanka’s to lose

9:01 pm Faruq Hasan: Malinga bowling his trademarker swinging full deliveries. Impossible to score of them!

9:00pm Zeeshan Khan: Ace bowling by SL. India doesn’t have nearly enough and they know it

8:59pm Faruq Hasan: Sanga watching like a hawk from behind the stumps. What a perfect send-off for one of the elder statesmen of the game if SL were to lift the tournament

Syed Faiz Ahmed: None of the Srilankan bowler conceded more than 7 and a half per over! amazing in a T20 game! India 123 with an over to go

8:58pm Faruq Hasan: Wow India headed for a sub-par score of below 150. This just isn’t going to cut it

Zeeshan Khan: Last over and India isn’t anywhere near the 150 mark. The lions can chase this with ease. Its not looking good for Dhoni’s boys

8:55pm Zeeshan Khan: Meanwhile the Daily Star’s lead story tells us Kohli’s 50 helps India ‘buid’. Buid?/ have they forgotten how to spell over there?

8:53pm Faruq Hasan: Yuvi’s holing out might actually be of disservice to the Lankans as it brings out skipper Dhoni and his helicopter shot

Zeeshan Khan: Thank you Yuvraj. Nothing personal but you were blowing it!

8:52pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: Gone! Yuvraj struggle came to and end with a miserable shot just lofted with a complete mistiming! India 119 for 3 with 11 balls to go

8: 51pm Syed Faiz Ahmed:Another fabulous over from Skipper Malinga , He has given away just 4 runs, India 119 with just 12 balls to go,

8: 51pm Faruq Hasan: Looks like the rain gods have been appeased. Sky looks clear, no more rain forecast. Things are going more in SL’s way now8

Zeeshan Khan: Yuvraj is stinking up the joint with his 11 runs. He should throw his wicket and let Dhoni do the job

8:50pm Faruq Hasan: A worried Indian bench looks on. They clearly realise their runs aren’t enough. SL supporters look the happier bunch

Zeeshan Khan: SL fielding topnotch, and Malinga doing his thing. If they can keep India under 150, its their game to lose

Faruq Hasan: Death bowler Malinga back now. He might be a game changer in these last few overs.

Zeeshan Khan: 3 overs. India should be trying to hit a boundary off every ball. Without at least 150 on the board, India has no hope of winning it

8: 47pm Faruq Hasan: Indian batsmen should just go ballistic now. They need at least 40 runs in the next 3 overs Zeeshan Khan :Yuvraj not being as forceful as he should be, he takes the single, and rotates the strike

8: 45pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: India 111 after 16 overs

Faruq Hasan: Senanayeke is still going for the turning ball. Really impressed with this guy, he is not bowling flat at all

8:43pm Faruq Hasan: I can’t think of a single poor knock Kohli’s played the whole tournament.

8:42pm Zeeshan Khan: SL fielders fumbling and Kohli keeping to his habit of hitting frequent 4’s in the last 4 overs of t20 matches

8:42pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: Slice of luck for Kohli! filder misjudged the catch, another 4, this is his match! his tournament!

8:41pm Faruq Hasan: I love the Jaya-Snagakara pitch conference. Sl will miss their wisdom for sure

8: 40pm Syed Faiz Ahmed:India reached 100 with the six

8: 40pm Zeeshan Khan:And a huge 6! followed up by a 4! Kohli at his best!

Faruq Hasan: Malinga has been off-colour so far today. But he is a death-bowler specialist, expect him to have a say at the end

8:39pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: One must say Lankan Spinners have been extremely efficient and using their wit to contain Indian stroke makers. Even the experince campaigner like Yuvraj is struggling.

8:38pm Faruq Hasan: Good to see singles still playing an important role in the hit-and-smash version of the game

8:37pm Zeeshan Khan: Appeal by the Lankans and a dot ball. India needs to be far more aggressive if they intend to win this. Yuvi, what are you waiting for?

Faruq Hasan: Senanayake back. We still haven’t seen Yuvi sizzle. Is he holding back for the last few overs

8:37pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: India 93/2 after 14 overs. Launching pad on for last six overs. They are eying over 150

8:35pm Zeeshan Khan:A four. But as the balls run out, the runs are still just in double figures.

8:35pm Faruq Hasan: Outfield still looks slippery. Jaywardane almost slipped stopping a pretty simple single

8:35pm Zeeshan Khan: Kohli’s 50 comes up and it will do nicely thank you!

8:33pm Faruq Hasan: Yuvraj picking up neat singles, farming the strike wonderfully. I still feel they are 10-15 runs short at this stage of the game

8:32pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: Anything over 150 could be extremely difficult amid the condition and humongous pressure of final! Surely this is turning out to be a cliffhanger!!

8:31pm Zeeshan Khan: 13th over and Malinga is on the attack. Its a classic confrontation of Titans. Malinga, Kohli, Yuvraj. Are there biggers names in cricket than these three?

8:31pm Faruq Hasan: Crucial period in the game. Kohli is getting into the groove. What do the SL bowlers do now. I would bring back the pacers. And lo, Malinga is back!

8:30pm Zeeshan Khan: Say what you will about the arrogance of the Indian team, and of Kohli’s cocksure attitude, but can you blame them?

8:29pm Syed Faiz Ahmed:Now it is maximum!! Kohli was effortless to picked half a dozen!

8:28pm Faruq Hasan: And the Kohli juggernaut continues. Beautiful use of his feet for a 6. But I don’t think the SL bowlers will mind that, let the batsmen earn every single run

8:27 pm Zeeshan Khan: Another massive 6 by Kohli. He comes charging up the pitch and smashes it into the stands

8:27pm Faruq Hasan: Both the SL spinners bowling to a plan now, and the plan is to flight the ball at the stumps. Indian batsmen need to take the initiative, and so far they haven’t really done that aside from an odd boundary or two

Syed Faiz Ahmed: That is a classic one from the master!! Kohli danced down the wicket against the off spinner and lofted it over mid off for a gorgeous boundary, he is looking ominous for lions

8:26pm Faruq Hasan: Really impressed with Senanayeke’s temperment. One of the rare offies in T20 cricket not afraid to toss the ball up.

8:25pm Zeeshan Khan: 11th over and 66. Its not ideal, but can bring India up to 150 or more. which is defensible

8:25pm Faruq Hasan: Really impressed with Herath’s bowling today. Every delivery has been at the stumps, and he has slowed down his pace considerably. He’s read the wicket really well, there’s some turn for him here.

8: 24pm Zeeshan Khan: But as partnerships go, they dont come any better than Yuvraj and Kohli. batting now

8: 23pm Faruq Hasan: India’s aces batting in tandem. Can Yuvraj and Kohli revive their flagging fortunes

8: 22pm Faruq Hasan: Herath has been bowling slow and slower and he gets a wicket! Sharma just lobs it over to short cover, India sliding now

Syed Faiz Ahmed: Rohit was going slow, the wicket may be a blessing in disguise for indians!!as Yuvraj and Kohli may rampage the Lankan attack

8:21pm Zeeshan Khan: Sharma gone! but at least its not Kohli who is looking fierce and confident. Sri Lanka will breathe  sigh a relief now that a winning partnership has been busted up

8:20pm Zeeshan Khan: And now a 6! India taking control of the match again, as they are best at doing, when things become desperate

Syed Faiz Ahmed : Solid whak! Kohli launched the ball to the leg side boubdary for a marvellous six, it went through the cow corner! End of over 10. India 64/1.

8: 19pm Faruq Hasan: I love how the Sri Lankan players appeal these days. Loud, aggressive, and obnoxious! Gone are the days of a humble request for a wicket. Make yourself heard, son!

8:17pm Faruq Hasan: Sri Lanka must be really pleased with themselves. India trying hard, but just can’t seem to be getting momentum to their batting. But as the advertising jinle says, one big over could change it all

Syed Faiz Ahmed:  I think Malinga  has to pay dearly for that drop catch, Every cricket follower must be thinking the famous drop of Gibbs, and Steve waugh said, to him, ‘Boy. you have not only missed the catch but also the match.’’

8:15pm Faruq Hasan: The ball isn’t really coming to the bat. Even genuine cricket shots are looking like slogs to me right now

Zeeshan Khan: 8th over and the pace is beginning to hang. India will need to step it up if they hope to contain Sri Lanka   8:12pm Zeeshan Khan: 45 runs in 8 overs isn’t enough though, and it seems that a chasing India is far more aggressive

8:09pm Zeeshan Khan: A brilliant 6 to keep the scoreboard ticking on. With Kohli in command we can expect many more of these!

8:09pm Faruq Hasan: Lovely use of his feet by Kohli. This guy just won’t stop scoring runs. I wonder if Anushka Sharma is in the stands today

8:08pm Faruq Hasan: I think Herath will bowl wicket to wicket, not a bad idea considering the slow start India has. Pressure on them to lift the run rate, and that’s exactly what Herath would want

8: 07pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: Oh ! Kohli dropped at mid off by Skipper Malinga! Has he dropped the match

8:07pm Faruq Hasan: And Herath comes on to bowl. How crucial will spin be on these seaming conditions?

8:06pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: End of powerplay, India 31/1

8:06pm Faruq Hasan: So it looks like India is going to take the go-slow approach. Not sure if that is the best way to go about the game, they bat pretty deep

8:00pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: close call for a run out, Rohit got away

7.59pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: Rohit walloped the short ball from senanayeke for a one drop boundary

7.57pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: Another tight over from Matthews, just 4 singles conceeded, India 15/1 after 4 overs

7.55pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: Srilanka has won three out of five in the T20 WC matches against India, today Indians may level the record

7: 55pm Faruq Hasan: Some early pressure by the bowlers now. How do the Indian batsmen reply? Extreme force or judicious singles?

7: 51pm Faruq Hasan: Kula swinging the ball both ways now, seam up

7.47pm Jahan Mithun: He is gone, straight through the gate, first blood for lankans , Rahane out for 3 m Matthews strikes

7.41pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: 1 run through the leg side, Rahane on strike

7.40pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: countdown begins all set, Kula to ball against Rohit

7.36pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: Two teams lining for the National Anthems

7:35pm Syed Faiz Ahmed: Malinga must have been suffering from “kohli phobia’’, he does not want to let the great man a chance to chase

7.24pm Faruq Hasan: As a Bangladeshi fan, won’t mind seeing the back of both Mahela and Sanga. Both have singlehandedly won games against us in the shortest format of the game. But what a blow for Sri Lankan cricket to see them go

Syed Faiz Ahmed: Windies Skipper Darren Sammy said, God himself has probably taken the responsibility to make a glorious adieu to these two maestro. Srilankan tactic of picking a medium pace allrounder in place of a leg spinner look like a tactical one with this condition.

7.17pm Jahan Mithun: Wet outfield and moisture must have provoked Lasith to take that decision,being a fast bowler himself Lastih must be eager to take the first blood.

7.10PM Faruq Hasan: Obviously Sri Lanka are not listening to me. Strange decision to win the toss and bowl first.

7:05PM Faruq Hasan: With more showers predicted for later, I would win the toss and bat first. If it’s a curtailed game, more pressure for the side batting second

There really should be a proper substitution system for cricket, just like football. ICC tried something out a few years ago, but there were too many flaws in the system. Would be interesting to swap players during the game to suit weather conditions.

6:56pm Faruq Hasan: Sangakara and Jayawardane must be eager to get on to the field. This will be their last ever T20 match for their country, having announced their retirement before the tournament started. Would be awful if rain and not live action brought curtains down their career

6:50pm Jahan Mithun: Rain comes in play in the T20 World Cup again! Wait, no D-W method yet. Rain has delayed the final match of the World Cup.

Toss to spin at 7.10pm BDST


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