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Punyo to air today

  • Published at 06:02 pm January 29th, 2014
Punyo to air today

Single episode drama Punyo will air today at 7:50pm on Maasranga TV. The drama features popular soap actors such as Sajal, Shashi, Saberi Alam and many more.

Sjal and Shashi are maternal cousins. When Shashi’s father died, her mother started wearing hijab and also influenced Shashi to follow her example. She became so extreme with her reservations that she even restricted her from meeting Sajal, her own sister’s son.  Sajal cannot accept this peculiar behaviour of his aunt. He tries to convince her to let him contact Shashi, but his aunt remains unmoved. Sajal becomes desperate to meet Shashi as they grew up together from their childhood and shares a special bond. After trying really hard, he gets her number from a colleague and starts talking to her over the phone. Shashi was very cautious to keep the fact hidden from her mother, but in vain. Complications arise when her mother discovers their secret phone rendezvous.