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Myopic dystopia: My address to the nation

  • Published at 06:16 pm January 7th, 2014

If this current crop of politicians on all sides can lay claim to have legitimacy to represent the country, how much worse off will we be if we just took over the reins? So in preparation for such an eventuality, and brushing aside the self-serving ego massaging here, the following is my first address to the nation.

My fellow Bangladeshis: Assalamualaikum. Today, we are at the precipice of a new chapter in Bangladesh: To accept or not, that Bangladesh is devoid of a statesman of any real authoritative gravitas, vision, leadership, sincerity, and that democracy is useless as a system of governance to us.

To me, this election is not proof of a rejection of AL’s mandate, and it sure as hell isn’t in any way, shape or form an endorsement of BNP’s struggle to seize power to better emulate everything that AL presently stands for. It’s proof positive that the game that politicians have played for decades, using you as collateral pawns and political leverage, continues unabated.

It’s proof that no one truly gives a damn, and had there been a “no vote” on the ballot, it would have certainly driven people to the polling booths (unlike last time) to reject this system overall, and not just the party in power, in protest. Nonetheless, we are a forward looking people. 

Your rulers today, play amongst themselves from the sidelines, screaming their dictates at minority hoards of naive, biased, thoughtless fellow drone citizenry around you who hum and sing their praises self-defeatingly. They destroy what little scarce, expensive resources that you fund.

Like the suave, lusty devil in disguise, they have you believe they have your best interest in mind. I refer to in the last line, politicians in general, lest I am made to regret writing a sweepingly general statement such as this.

Note however, there must be stellar exceptions to that statement too but I can’t find them in this current crowd. All this reminds me of a quote I overheard, which goes something like this: “I believe in evolution strongly. How else can you explain politicians.” 

My friends, Bangladesh is a myopic dystopia. Divided, near-sighted, and frightening. Hard to describe it any other way. The world is watching a sorry bunch amongst us, burn each other alive and rip each other to shreds, all for one thing – power!

We have witnessed for more than a decade and a half, the petty desperation to get to power or hang on to it, something that today has far surpassed the standard level of greed we are used to, into territory that can be best described as shamefully and nakedly sociopathic.

Just so that we have some context here, a sociopath (the politically correct term being a person who is suffering from antisocial personality disorder, so as to avoid being cornered for stigmatising) is someone who is “characterised as having a pervasive pattern of disregard for, or violation of, the rights of others.” There may be such individuals or groups of people with an impoverished moral sense or conscience and a history of crime, legal problems, impulsive and aggressive behaviour.

Dear colleagues, tell me if you read the above description, that it doesn’t remind you of a certain section in society, in whom we bestow trust to steer the ships of our destiny? We want things to move. They won’t let us.

We want to be valued, listened to, to participate, and make things better. We want to ignore them, but they draw us in, converting each biased person amongst us, to turn us against each other.

We want peace and productivity, seldom are we spared the drama. After this election, it is now clear that there is no right or wrong party here. They are all wrong. It is a cat fight that kills us and will continue to do so, in perpetuity it seems.

A twisted divine comedy, minus God or Dante, of a handful of puppeteers that put on a show that we all watch and participate in. 

Someone I know, earlier this week, took offense to both parties being handled equally in disgrace. Well, unless you are on strong psychotropics, I cannot see anyone agree with you.

Unfortunately, you, my fellow countrymen, those who allow this elaborate charade to fool you into sympathising, are a major part of the problem. The intelligentsia that intellectualises what in essence is a simple matter of admitting that system is deeply broken, and that change from within is unsustainable, is wasting everyone’s time, and deluding themselves in the process. Lip service is just so very passé.

I urge you all reading this address to believe in yourself and the power of good as a collective force, to bring about sustainable change. Cliches aside, good always triumphs over evil, or at the very least insincerity.

This election was legal. I hardly saw anyone whinge like they are now back when the rules were being altered, including the most distressed party today, BNP, who didn’t even bother showing up to parliament to pretend to care because it was not compatible with their future playbook.

This election was not a farce as others would have you believe. It wasn’t ideal, one-sided through default, and in fact deeply distressing to those who value their citizen’s rights, but that’s all water under the bridge now. We must look ahead. 

To begin with, I congratulate the AL for winning this election and commiserations to their arch enemies. Having said that, it would make no real difference to you, even if everyone would have participated and this was an election consisting of the BNP.

It would be all same with different faces and a two-year buffer in between, not to mention a rather terse ally in tow. I cannot see why everyone is fussing. Pardon me.

So, to conclude and with great hope, I humbly urge those not politically slanted already (infants and madmen, according an old claim), to consider forming a political platform, wherever you are, in whatever capacity, no matter how diverse, insane, problematic or unrealistic, it can’t be worse than where we are now.

Aim for five years into the future when you too could be atop a throne of power, from where I believe you will at the least conduct business gracefully.

We are thirsting for the new. It’s time to abandon old dreams and dream new ones. Aim to become the best Bangladeshi for the next thousand years, if you catch my drift. A revolution, if you must, to sideline the status quo must begin in every heart today.