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Looking forward on Victory Day

  • Published at 06:32 pm December 15th, 2013

On Victory Day 42 years ago, the nation was released from a great struggle.

Independence was achieved through the sacrifice and suffering of millions.

The brave men and women who fought for freedom justly deserve the nation’s thanks and solidarity today.

As we celebrate their memory and accomplishment, we can pause to reflect that Bangladeshis have achieved many successes in the past four decades.

Many challenges remain, however. The nation has its independence, but is not free of want or political strife.

The true potential of a free Bangladesh is not yet being achieved. The people have time and again shown much creativity, endurance and resilience in building the country. Think how much more could be accomplished if they were not held back by complacency, corruption and political dysfunction?

We must earn new victories each year over these seemingly intractable problems.

We have cause for optimism. Over half the population is under the age of 24 and the vast majority were not yet born on the first Victory Day in 1971.

It is these generations who will be taking the nation forward. It is they who can overcome past obstacles and reach forward for a better future. It is they who will make a better nation in the years ahead and make us all glad to be Bangladeshi.