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  • Published at 06:06 pm December 15th, 2013


The drama Kaktarua will be aired tonight at 9:05pm on Banglavision. Written and directed by Masud Sezan, the drama features Mosharraf Karim, Motoushi Bishash, Shamima Nazneen, Tariq Shopon, Milon, Al Amin and members of Tokai Natyadol.   

The drama revolves around a freedom fighter’s son, Rudro, who struggles to fulfill his father’s dream. The awareness that even after such a long struggle, the country has not yet cherished freedom in the true sense. In the meantime, he falls in love with a girl named Lee, whom he met on the internet. Lee lives in Canda and comes to Bangladesh to marry Rudro. Lee offers Rudro to take him back to Canada with her. But Rudru is not interested, as he is actively involved in the movement to free the nation completely. Fate deals Rudro a harsh turn as he discovers that Lee is the daughter of a Raazakaar.

Ditiyo Odhhay

Ditiyo Odhhay will air on SATV at 9pm today. Written and directed by Abu Sayedi, the drama features Jayanto Chattopadhyay, Toufique Tanni, Hasan and many more.

Princess Zarina

The drama Princess Zarina will be aired tonight at 8pm on Maasranga TV. Written by Mesbah Uddin Shumon, directed by Tuhin Hossain, the drama features Tisha, Shamol Maula, Shetu, Rumi, Nipa and others. Based on a true story, the drama set on the backdrop of 1971 is about a girl named Zarina, who works in the Jatra Pala. She was never harmed by the Pakistani army as they believed her to be a Bihari. But in truth, Zarina was a Bangladeshi and all her income went to the aid of the freedom fighters. When Zarina falls in love with Harun, the Pak army kills his mother as a revenge, because a major in the troupe was interested in her. Harun becomes lost in grief and plans to destroy the Razakaars and Zarina assists him in the daring venture.

Shaheed Mosammat Kulsum Begum

Shaheed Mosammat Kulsum Begum will air on GTV at 11:50pm. Directed by Komol Chakma, the drama features Shoshi, Rawnak Hasan, Sajjad Reza, Jhuna Chowdhury and many more.

Opur 71

The drama Opur 71 will be aired tonight at 9:10pm on Channel 9. Written by Animesh Aich and directed by Azad Kalam, the drama features Bidya Sinha Mim, Marzuk Russell and Azad Abul Kalam. The story focuses on the horrific genocide during the Liberation War. In a Pakistani army camp, there is huge queue of people. Every hostage is counting their last minutes. Anyone daring to rebel by calling out Joi Bangla or Joi Bangabandhu, is instantly shot to death. A boy named Opu is also on the line. He was picked up from a temple by the Pak army.

Ami-I Muktijodhha

Ami-i  Muktijodhha will air on Desh TV today at 7:45pm. Written and directed by Emel Haque, the drama features Jayanto Chattopadhyay, Kazi Ujjal, Hasan Azad, Shuvro and many more.

The drama revolves around a group of patriots who celebrate Victory Day every year dedicatedly. This year, the club members approach a renowned businessman named Soleman Firaji for donation. They decide to ask for Tk50 thousand but at the last moment, the director of the club, Huda, asks for Tk70 thousand instead. But Soleman Firaji being a tough nut to crack pays Tk50 thousand on the condition that they find a freedom fighter on his behalf, as he wants to bestow an award to such a noble person. The club member starts the preparation for the celebration with Tk30 thousand only, as the rest of the amount was pocketed by Huda and also fails to find a freedom fighter for Soleman’s award ceremony. Alas! They come across a true freedom fighter Abul, who works in their locality’s school as a humble clerk. Having failed to find any other, they decide to award the clerk, but Soleman refuses the offer as he did not deem someone so humble worthy of his attention.