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Two good deals are on the table

  • Published at 06:15 pm November 25th, 2013
Two good deals are on the table

Both the AL and BNP have now made reasonable offers to settle their differences over the framework for elections.

The AL has reportedly offered the BNP first choice over any ministry they want in an election time administration, while the BNP has said that all issues look resolvable if Sheikh Hasina steps down as PM.

Neither offer appears unreasonable to us, as both sides could gain if the other accepted their offer.

If neither party leader heads the interim administration, both leaders could concentrate on their campaigning strengths. Likewise, if the BNP takes up the offer of any ministry they want, all sides can gain confidence in the election process.

After months of deadlock, we understand that there may be much scepticism, both within and outside the political parties, about the dialogue which has been taking place between the general secretaries of the two major political parties.

However, now is not the time for cynicism. There is a deal here to be struck, which could benefit everyone and allow the Election Commission to get on with its job.

Both parties have an opportunity to gain trust with each other and the public by making a positive public response to the other’s offer.