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Refine, rethink and reshape career growth

  • Published at 07:00 pm November 23rd, 2013
Refine, rethink and reshape career growth

Tell us a little about your education background?

I did my bachelor degree from NSU, majoring in Marketing and Human Resources. I completed my A’ levels from Mastermind and O’ levels from Dhaka Grammar School.

What was your first job after graduation?

Working in an IT specialised head hunting firm called Anthroplace Consulting in India.

How did you get the job?

I applied through an international youth organisation called AIESEC that facilitates global internships for university graduates. It was quite competitive as 84 people internationally applied for the same position.

I had to go through six extensive interviews; two of them were online, three on the phone and a desk research assignment. And getting into AIESEC Global Exchange Programme was another ball game all together. In AIESEC, I went through a threefold interview process that took place in Dhaka.

What was your biggest accomplishment in that position?

I was able to head hunt two senior SAP candidates for IBM and Cap-Gemini within my first two months.

Looking back, what is the most valuable lesson you picked up from your first job?

Understanding that my university experience does not have to correlate to my job, while realising that my academic experience was practice for learning something new, that it was a preparation to accept de-learning of old information and learning new ones. The most valuable lesson was not to forget to have fun working and have time for a laugh.

Did your first job change your mind about what you wanted to do with the rest of your career?

Not really; rather, working with the diversified colleagues in India helped to refine, rethink and reshape the way I wanted to see my career grow.

Who inspired you the most in your first job?

Team Leader Debjani and Head Hunting Specialist Sugato, but above all I was really inspired by the fantastic diversified team that I worked with.