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StartupbashToolkit for startups

  • Published at 10:17 am November 20th, 2013

“If you are not on the internet, you don’t exist,” says every smart entrepreneur. If you disagree, look around you. With the many free tools available on the web, we can conveniently simplify, optimise and make our life easier. To internalise the benefits of technology all around us, we can incorporate these tools in our businesses for maximum benefit. But how do we do that?

On the second day of StartupBashBD in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, entrepreneurs and professionals showed how using technological tools can help startup businesses. After a vibrant networking session ending at around 6 PM, Nash Islam, CEO, G & R Ad Network, one of the organizers of Startupbash, officially commenced the program with an overview of the startup tools available online. He prompted “get deeper and do it yourself” to aspiring entrepreneurs who were at the event to look for tools on the web that can help them with their business ideas and operations.

In an attempt to exemplify how businesses have succeeded using different tools, Shameem Ahsan, CEO, Akhoni.com & President of BASIS, shared his insights on the effectiveness of different tools they used to achieve the success. He also described the importance of networking and developing a sound financial model for success which he found important while starting out his own venture.

Riyad Husain, CEO, Magnito Digital, also spoke at the event highlighting the benefit of using social media for marketing and branding. Citing examples of Google Alerts, Google Analytics and Hashtag #, Riyad showed how easily startups can use Internet tools to generate leads for business. He mentioned “having fans on Facebook page is not important, but having a good presence with quality content is."

Tanzim Saqib, Developer & Platform Evangelism, Microsoft, Al-Amin Kabir, Managing Director, DevsTeam and MuhammedNazimuddaula, Chief Product Officer, G&R Ad Network, presented the audience with different tools available to startups for bootstrapping, coding, and product management.

The ambience was set with excellent, lighting, décor and music by resident DJ group by Dhaka Electronica Scene. With ample Olympic T20 biscut, Sun Chips, Appy Fizz, participants were well energized throughout the session ending with delicious fresh pizza.  The room was buzzing as participants networked, exchanged cards and took pictures on the red carpet photo booth. Startupbash is an open and inclusive community that startups need to join.

To know what exactly happened and stay updated with StartupBash, visitwww.startupbashbd.com or https://www.facebook.com/startupbashbd. To access the live feed of the event type #StartupBashBD on Twitter and Facebook .