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Dure Jabo Bole airs today on Channel 9

  • Published at 02:00 pm October 22nd, 2013
Dure Jabo Bole airs today on Channel 9

Single episode drama “Dure Jabo Bole” will be aired at 9:10pm on Channel 9 today. Witten and directed by Animensh Aich, the drama features Mahfuz Ahmed and Farah Ruma.

The story is based on sacrifices one needs to make due to poverty. Shamoli and Mofiz live a miserable life with their four children. Suddenly Mofiz is diagnosed with a terminal illness and the doctor prescribes him some expensive medicine that is way out of his affordability.

Shamoli works day and night in people’s house to bring food at the end of the day. One day, Shamoli is introduced with two snake charmers who get to know the struggle of Shamoli’s life. They give her a proposal to work in a brothel and say that she can improve her situation by doing so.

She shares the idea with her husband. Mofiz becomes sad at the idea. The next day, Mofiz and his children bids farewell to Shamoli who crosses the river and enters a lane where the brothel is situated.