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Eid Special plays and telefilms : October 17

  • Published at 06:06 pm October 14th, 2013
Eid Special plays and telefilms : October 17

Promila Cricket Coaching

“Promila Cricket Coaching” will air on SA TV at 7:30pm on the second day of Eid. Written and directed by Ferdous Hasan, the drama features Sajal, Bindu, Khaled Masud Pilot, Tania, Lisa, Nupur and many more. It’s a story about a group of talented female cricketers who come from different corners of the country. Roksana is the bffest one among them. But, she becomes distracted from the game, by falling in love with their English teacher.

Black Book

Special drama without commercial break “Black Book” will air on the second day of Eid at 8:00pm on Baglavision. The story, written and directed by Animesh Aich, features Tisha, Shakil Ahmed, Abul Hayat and others. The story is about a twenty-four-year-old girl named Manila who is an artist. Manila was imprisoned for few days in a church by the authorities. After the incident, she becomes a chronic insomniac patient.

Dure Jabo Bole

On the second day of Eid, the drama “Dure Jabo Bole” will air at 9:15pm on Channel 9. Witten and directed by Animensh Aich, the drama features Mahfuz Ahmed and Farah Ruma. The story is based on sacrifices one needs to make due to poverty. Shamoli and Mofiz live a miserable life with their four children. Suddenly Mofiz is diagnosed with a terminal illness and the doctor prescribes him some expensive medicine that is way out of his affordability.


Kone Dekha Alo

“Kone Dekha Alo” airs on Channel i at 12:05pm on the first day of Eid. Written and directed by Rajibul Islam Rajib, the telefilm features Mim, Tarin, Chanchal Chowdhury, Sohel Khan and many more. It is a story about an orphan girl named Jerin who lives in London. Jerin comes back to Bangladesh. Her uncle receives her, but speculates that she has come back for the properties left behind by her parents. In despair, she leaves her uncle’s home. At last, her uncle realises his mistake.

Hoyto Tobuo Bhalobasha

ATN Bangla is broadcasting “Hoyto Tobuo Bhalobasha” on the second day of Eid at 3:05pm. The telefilm features Amin Khan, Momo, Mahmud Sazzad, Saberi Alam and many more. Written by Faria Hossain and directed by Shekh Rana, the story is about a fraud who traps girls from well-off families who go to private universities. He has cheated several girls, promising them love and faithfulness.

Jodi Bhalo Na Lage Deo Na Mon – 2

“Jodi Bhalo Na Lage Deo Na Mon – 2” will air on Channel i at 2:30pm on the second day of Eid. The tele-film is a sequel of eminent playwright late Humayun Ahmed’s “Jodi Bhalo Na Lage Deo Na Mon.” The second part is a continuation of the first part written by Rajibul Islam Rajib and directed by Rayhan Khan. The star cast of the telefilm includes Tisha, Shamim Shahed, Irfan, Saju, Nijam Uddin, Rahman Khalilur, Samira and many more.