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Music industry marks Eid and Durga Puja with new albums

  • Published at 05:24 pm October 13th, 2013
Music industry marks Eid and Durga Puja with new albums

The music industry offers a double bonus for music- lovers this season since Eid-ul-Azha and Durga Puja, two major festivals for Muslims and Hindus respectively, are knocking on the door at the same time. Prominent and promising singers and bands have been releasing audio albums over the last two weeks and music stores all over the country are very busy dealing with the customers.

Most of the albums have been already released under different banners while a few albums will hit the market on Monday and tomorrow.

G-series and Agniveena have launched a total of twenty albums from different categories of music in the Eid market. The repertoire of G-series and its sister-concern Agniveena features mixed band album “Jubo,” “Ar Tomake” by Topu, “Ja Icche Ta” by Poppy, “Haway Shona Jay” by Rokan Shahrier, “Brishti Tomay Dilam” by Rajan Saha featuring various artists, “Cholre Kabar Jiarote” by Md Khaled Hossain, “Othocho” by Rajeeb, “Autograph-Photograph” by Saju, “Kokhono Phul Kokhono Shishir” by Rakhee, “Koster Bhirey” by Rudro Pankaz, “Prothoma” by Rana Sheikh and many more.

Laser Vision has released eight albums presenting different genres of music. One of the company’s biggest albums for this occasion is Samina Chowdhury’s latest solo album “Cholo Bachi.” The songs have been composed by two great musician brothers Naquib Khan & Shahbaz Khan Pilu. Moreover, Laser Vision recently released the audio album of the most anticipating film of the year, “Purnodoirgho Premkahani.”  Kollol Sarwar’s “Phire Ashchhi,” Dr Samir Kawal and his group’s “Kurbani,” various artiste’s “Pitch Love Devotion,” Priyanka Gope and Mamun Jahid’s duet album “Kanta Nite Keu Keno Ashe Na,” Nirjo Habib’s “Nishshongota” and Faizur Milton’s first solo album “Hobei Bhalo Thaka” have been released under the banner.

On the other hand, under the banner of Impress Audio Vision, Nazrul singer Ferdous Ara launched an album featuring her “best” songs titled “Amar Shera.”

CD choice releases Arfin Rumey’s “Ore Piya,” Selim Ahmed’s “Jabo Bhalobeshe,” Elias Hossain’s “Na Bola Kotha–2,” and mixed albums “Obak Prem,” “Hridoy Jure” and “Nil Akash Chhuye.”

Second solo album by Lutfur Hasan, “Ekla Agontuk,” has been released under the banner of Eagle Music. Mixed albums “Shopno Chhoa” and “Ontorale,” Shafiq Tuhin and Labonyo’s duet album “Ebong Bhalobasha” have also released under the same banner.

ME Label has released “360 by Various Artists” which is a collaboration album comprising of songs from Bengali (Bangladeshi and Indian) musicians all over the world. It includes songs by Shami Sattar (Canada) featuring Anila (USA), Armeen Musa (USA), Bappa Mazumder featuring Mouli (USA), Simin (Australia), Hamza Jahangir (USA), BIM (USA), Anushree Gupta (Kolkata) and Dhaka-based artistes Elita, Sandhi, Ashique M Fahim, Jomeedar VS Chairman, Jon Kabir and Prithwi Raj. Shohortoli’s second album “Opor Prishtha Droshtobyo” has been also released under the banner of ME Label.