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Capitalising on your first job

  • Published at 05:59 pm September 28th, 2013

Tell us a little about your education background?

I have passed my Bachelor of Business Administration from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka. I majored in Finance with a minor in Economics. Prior to that, I completed both my A-levels and O-levels from Maple Leaf International School.

What was your first job after graduation?

Right after graduation, I joined Standard Chartered Bank, in the Origination and Client Coverage (OCC) department. I took the position of an Assistant Relationship Manager, looking after the local corporate portfolio. My responsibility was to build and maintain new and existing relationship with local companies, analyse their financial structure and credit worthiness and propose applicable loan products for them.

How did you get the job?

I had proactively dropped my CV in the HR department of the bank prior to my fourth year final exams. A month later I received a call from the HR department asking me to appear for an interview. After the initial screening interview, I was asked to appear several times to face interviews with people from different departments. In the mean time, I had to take an online aptitude test. One day I received a call from HR, congratulating me on my first job. I remember my finals ended in December and I spent January through interview sessions and I started the month of February working from my new desk at SCB.

What was your biggest accomplishment in that position?

During my one-year stay in SCB, apart from my regular responsibilities, what I remember most is when I had signed “Bay Developments Ltd” as a client for my team. The total process of client search, establishing the first link, persuading how the bank can benefit the company were all new and interesting activities. At a very early stage of my career, I had successfully attained a client for the bank. This was one learning experience on which I could further capitalise and bring to the table at my next workplace.

Looking back, what is the most valuable lesson you picked up from your first job?

It taught me the discipline of hard work, the ability of multitasking smoothly and the ability to cope with stress. I can remain calm in stressful situations and analyse different circumstances. I would advice first jobbers to gain the skill of keeping a cool head. This is a very important skill to have for career growth.

Did your first job change your mind about what you want to do with the rest of your career?

When I was spending a good portion of my day analysing financial statements and then preparing loan proposals, the analytical tools and techniques aroused a deeper interest in me. I realised I did not want to bound my arena of analysis to financial statements only; I wanted to take it to a broader level. Currently I am working as a Business Consultant in a development project of Swisscontact. Here, I have used my interest in analysis to understand various agricultural process flows, business incentive of private sector, behavioural aspects of people and much more. The analysis part of my first job made me realise I should dig deeper into analysis and in a wider scale.

Who inspired you the most in your first job?

My work in SCB involved work with multiple teams within SCB, and everyone had something to offer for a newcomer. However, I want to particularly mention Syed Shahed Imam and Shibu Prasad Samadder. These revered ex-colleagues of mine taught me the tools of the trade and mentored me during my tenure at SCB. Their dedication to their work, their perseverance, and their successful journey in their careers inspire me even today.