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Japan to invest in health tech

  • Published at 08:56 pm September 21st, 2013
Japan to invest in health tech

Japan has taken initiative to invest in the health sector of Bangladesh through bilateral medical technology cooperation, ultimately leading to technology transfer.

Medical Excellence JAPAN, an international investment project on health and medical technology, of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan organised a seminar in Dhaka on Friday, expressing in interest.

More than 500 radiogist, oncologist and radiology and imaging technologists from across the country participated at the seminar, said a statement on Saturday.

As the first step, the establishment of an institute on radiology and imaging was announced by Noriyoshi Fukuoka, head of the team coming from Japan for this seminar and Prof. Dr. Sheikh Aleemuzzaman, the Bangladesh key person of this Japanese project.

Following the initiation of advanced training and technology transfer, further steps to establish Japanese image diagnosis centers, hospitals as well as a health city will be accomplished.

Japanese experts considered that the trained and skilled doctors and personnel are essential for introduction of cutting edge medical technology in Bangladesh.

The present day medical treatment is heavily dependent on hi-tech machines and technology. Presently, hi-tech machines such as CT scans and MRI are being brought to many hospitals in Bangladesh in spite of the fact that there is acute shortage of radiologists and technologists in this field.

Consequently, the common patients of the country are being deprived of accurate diagnosis and treatment. That is one of the reasons, why many patients prefer to go abroad for health purpose.

Addressing the seminar, Health Minister Dr Ruhal Haque stressed the need for training of doctors and technologists in medical technology sector. He said skilled manpower is the first requirement for installation of sophisticated medical devices.

“This Japanese initiative of personnel training along with investment in this sector is exemplary. Without proper training of personnel only cutting edge medical devices cannot be operated.”

Health advisor to the Prime Minister Prof Dr Modassar Ali said mechanisation is the first step of a digital Bangladesh and the present initiative of Japan is compatible with digitalisation program of the Prime Minister and the present government.

Ambassador of Japan Shiro Sadoshima said bilateral cooperation in the medical technology field will open a new era in Japan-Bangladesh friendship. This initiative by Japan will help Bangladesh to raise its level of efficiency and skill of our people.

He stressed the need to train technologists, nurses and paramedics to attain team therapy, which is the basic norm for modern day health care.