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President calls for clean student politics

  • Published at 03:31 pm September 15th, 2013
President calls for clean student politics

President Abdul Hamid on Sunday urged the student community to work towards becoming enlightened citizens, instead of getting involved in cheap, chaotic student politics.

“Keep in mind that the future leadership will come from you. So prepare for it,” he told students at a reception.

The authorities of Gurudayal Government College accorded the reception to President Abdul Hamid who has been a student at the college.

“For the future of Bangladesh, we want enlightened people who will show the path of enlightenment to others and make ceaseless efforts for building a science and technology-based society,” the president said.

Underscoring the need for turning the educational institutions into hubs for building human resources, he said: “We have to keep in mind that education creates progressive human beings. Education that cannot be utilised for the welfare of the country and society has no value.”

He said the government had put the highest priority on education and adopted a modern and international standard education policy with the core objective of keeping open the path of acquiring intensive knowledge.

“We have to change the mindset that the government will do everything. The task of the government is to create opportunities.

And as citizens our responsibility is to take the country and the society forward by utilising these opportunities,” he added.

Remarking that corruption was the main impediment to achieving socio-economic development, the president said everybody would have to be active in eliminating corruption from every tier of the society.

“We have to be honest, starting from one’s student life as there is no alternative to honesty,” he said.

Hamid said: “I believe, this college has worked as the stepping stone for me to get to the highest position in the state. The education and knowledge that I acquired from this college, shaped my ideology and still inspires me.”

At another reception held for him by lawyers in the afternoon, Hamid called upon lawyers to play an active role in establishing good governance in the country in line with the spirit of the Liberation War. Kishoreganj District Bar Association organised the reception for Hamid at the Judge’s Court South Plaza.

Hamid was the president of Kishoreganj District Bar Association for five times from 1990-1996.

“Patriotism is not an abstract matter. Patriotism means working properly from your respective positions. Today we badly need this spirit. We won the Liberation War as there was no lack of this spirit at that time.”

Hamid continued: “We’ll have to uphold the spirit of the Liberation War in the truest sense through our actions rather than words.

Bangladesh emerged victorious from a war, sacrificing blood and enduring oppression.”

The president said the lawyers, playing an effective role as a community in the society and the state, could expedite the establishment of a just society and protection of human rights.

“We all expect you to discharge your duties bestowed upon you fairly and properly. I hope you will make legal assistance affordable to the oppressed and deprived people,” Hamid added.

On Saturday, the people of Kishoreganj gave a mass reception to President Abdul Hamid at Kishoreganj Old Stadium.

Hamid came to Kishoreganj on Saturday on a two-day official visit to his home district. This is his first visit to the town after taking office as president.