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Chhatra League struggling to form hall committees

  • Published at 07:48 pm September 15th, 2013

Student politics is generally perceived as a chaotic, sometimes violent struggle among young people to get into positions and posts of different party affiliated student bodies. Bangladesh Chhatra League’s Dhaka University unit, however, is experiencing something quite the opposite at the moment.

As the election approaches, Chattra League is reportedly struggling to form the full committees of different hall units in Dhaka University, with little success. There are no candidates to be found for the lucrative committee posts.

Most activists are refusing to shoulder the responsibility of a post in the hall committee, fearing that a regime change would subject them to persecution from other political parties.

The BCL hall units at Dhaka University right now have a president and a general secretary while all the other posts are vacant. Now the existing leaders are trying to fill up the 51-member committees.

The BCL university and hall leaderships are allegedly trying to force unwilling activists to take a post and sometimes asking even non-member students.

Many activists have left the halls in order to avoid leaders who are constantly nagging them to get into posts.

In some halls, the leadership has threatened activists of being evicted from the hall if they are unwilling to be in the committee.

In many cases, the students who are at this moment unwilling to take a post, are in the risk of being coloured as being a supporter of other organisations.

Asking not be named, several students told this correspondent that they were being threatened for their unwillingness to take post in the BCL hall committees.

BCL Salimullah Hall unit President Mehedi told the Dhaka Tribune that the draft list of the full committee for the hall unit was complete.

Asked whether anyone was forcefully included in the list, he said, “Ours is a big hall with a huge number of students and many were willing to get a post. Halls which are relatively small might have done this. I have heard about this allegation.”

University unit General Secretary Omar Sharif denied the allegations of forcing students to be in the committee.

“No one is ever compelled to be in BCL. Chhatra league will never indulge in such malpractice,” he said.

University Proctor Amzad Ali said he was not aware of the allegations, but if anyone reported to have been forcefully enlisted in any committee, the university administration would take proper and immediate action.