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Garment retailers to consider compensation

  • Published at 05:00 am September 11th, 2013

Some of the world’s biggest garment makers are to meet to discuss compensation for workers injured and killed in accidents at garment factories in Bangladesh.

They are planning to work out details of damages for those affected by accidents including the collapse in April of the Rana Plaza building, according to a BBC report.

More than 1200 people died and 2500 were injured in the collapse.

Trade unions say many families of those killed in the Rana Plaza collapse are now struggling to survive.

The meeting will also discuss compensation for victims of other accidents, including the fire at Tazreen Fashions in the capital Dhaka last November, in which over 100 people died.

The two-day meeting in Geneva has been called by the global trade union IndustriALL.

The union says it is pleased that some major Western companies, among them C&A and Primark, will attend, but is shocked that some of the clothing industry’s notable names, such as Walmart and Mango, are staying away.

Walmart and Mango both had orders at the Rana Plaza factory.

Campaigners say the families of those killed have already waited too long for compensation.

Although some big companies are coming to the Geneva meeting, none has yet put a figure on what, if anything, they are prepared to pay.

In July, a group of 70 retailers agreed a plan to conduct inspections of garment factories in Bangladesh in an attempt to improve safety standards.

Bangladesh’s garments export industry is the second biggest in the world after China’s.