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I love playing negative roles: Kalyan Corraya

  • Published at 04:21 am September 8th, 2013
I love playing negative roles: Kalyan Corraya

The young and lively actor Kalyan Corraya forged his way into the media of Bangladesh with his debut through single episode TV play “Prem O Porabastobotar Golpo,” directed by Mejbaur Rahman Suman. In a short span of time, the youngster with his rugged good-looks have made quite an impression on the audience with his composure and unique style of acting.

Kalyan was again seen on “Nokkhotro, Ghash O Chandramallika’r Raat,” a single episode play by the Meril-Prothom Alo Critics Award winning director Nurul Alam Atik. In the drama, he was co-star of the beautiful and popular actor Joya Ahsan and according to Kalyan, he came into lime-light through this venture. Besides his TV career, the artiste has done two films, “Pita” and “Jonakir Alo.” Recently, Dhaka Tribune caught up with the charming actor: How do you label your position in the industry?

I wouldn’t tag myself as successful yet. I am glad to have reached a certain position in such a short span of time and I am thankful to a lot of people. I feel that the whole world is out there for me to discover and I want to work hard in order to prove myself to the audience of the country. In the beginning and the end, it’s always about the audience, their love and acceptance.

Who is your favourite co-star?

I cannot point out any single person, but I am lucky enough to have acted with personalities such as Shahiduzzaman Selim, Tariq Anam Khan, Shuborna Mustafa, Mou and Kusum Sikder. I have learned a lot of the tricks of the trade from them and I am very comfortable in acting with them. I would have loved to have worked with Humuyan Faridi, he is my all time favourite.

Which is your favourite role so far?

Well, I love playing negative roles. From the top of my head, one of my favourite roles so far is from the play “Samantha,” it was a negative role. Recently, I am working on two plays, “Keu Keu Mrito Jonaki” by Shahiduzzaman Selim and “Dorjar Opashe” by Matia Banu Shuku. In both the plays, I am playing negative role and am enjoying myself immensely.

Tell us about your dream role?

Wow, never really thought of it before but now that you ask, I think the role of Achilles from the movie “Troy” is my dream role.

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

I will try my level best to be a truly successful actor in the industry and I hope in ten years time I will be one of the most popular faces in the media.

I want to have a long and successful acting career in both film and TV. I am not afraid to work hard in achieving my goals