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Jatiya Party split over poll policy

  • Published at 07:23 pm August 30th, 2013

Jatiya Party is reeling from internecine feud over the selection of candidates and question of how to take part in the next general elections.

The presidium, the highest policymaking body of the party, is apparently split over those two issues.

A faction – led by Ershad’s wife Rowshan Ershad, presidium member Kazi Zafar Ahmed and Secretary General ABM Ruhul Amin Hawlader – wants to switch to the electoral alliance of BNP.

But the other faction – led by presidium members Anisul Islam Mahmud and Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu – wants the party continue with the 14-party alliance.

When asked, Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu said many things happen in politics. “We will decide on the issue at the right time.”

Ruhul Amin Howlader said all leaders and activists of the party belonged to Jatiya Party. He, however, said: “Difference of opinion in a party is a good practice.”

About the stance of Ershad on the intra-party disagreement, a central leader said the party chief did not want any breach in the party and that he wanted to see the party in power.

Meanwhile, the presidium is also split over the selection of candidates for the next general elections.

While talking to the Dhaka Tribune, several presidium members and leaders said Ershad picks candidates at his will creating misunderstanding among the party leaders.

Allegations say a section of leaders always misguides and influences the party chief.

Last year, the party announced the names of about 230 leaders who were asked to prepare for the next parliamentary elections.

But after six months, the party chief announced the names of potential candidates again creating confusion among the party rank and file.

Following this, the last presidium meeting held on August 18 decided that the party chairman could no longer be entrusted with the responsibility of choosing candidates for the next polls.

The meeting also decided that the party’s parliamentary board would take decisions on nominating candidates. At the meeting, Rowshan Ershad told the party chairman only to approve the decisions taken by the board.