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'Porshi 3' releases Sunday

  • Published at 02:28 pm August 3rd, 2013
'Porshi 3' releases Sunday

Sabrina Porshi's 3rd solo album "Porshi 3" hits the market on Sunday. All songs are composed by popular Bangladeshi musicians, Bappa Mazumder, Arifin Rumy, Imran, Odit and Jewel Morshed along with renowned Indian music composers Dev Sen and Amlan-Pupul.

This is the first time music composers from the two Bengals have composed an entire album for a singer. Moreover, Imran and Porshi have lent their voices to a duet of a Hindi song. Celebrated lyricists, Asif Iqbal, Sohel Arman, Julfikar Rasel, Anurup Aich, Robiul Islam Jibon and Priyo Chatyapadhay have written all the songs.

She wishes to take her musical talent much further and expand her horizons into other genres of music, particularly classical music.

Regarding the album, Porshi shared with the Dhaka Tribune: "I have done new things in my new album. The songs are very melodious and rhythmic."

"Also, I have tried rock, R&B, classical and melody. It was a blessing to work together with renowned lyricists and composers from the two Bengals and the lyrics are really very touching."

"This is the first time I lend my voice to a Hindi song, along with my ten other Bangla songs. The song was written by Junayed Warsi. Our audience listens to Hindi songs too. So, I think the audience, hopefully, will enjoy the extract in the song and will love to hear Hindi songs sung with my voice," Porshi added.

Porshi has also expressed her satisfaction, saying: "We have tried our best to give good lyrics to the music lovers. "Jonom Jonom" already gathered positive responses from my audience. I request that the audience buy original CDs from the market."

The album is being releasing under the banner of G-Series. She released her first solo album, "Porshi", in 2010 and it turned out to be a big hit. In that album, songs like "Lojja" and "Tomary Porosh" are loved by thousands all over the country and also internationally.

In 2012, she released her 2nd Solo album, "Porshi 2," which was also appreciated by all. She also worked on some mix albums and did a lot of play-backs and jingles.

Recently she has been performing all over the country and captivating audiences with her charming personality, ability to connect with audiences instantly and, above all, her musical ability. Porshi has also done many international tours in which she performed in her own unique style.