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Hall of fame

  • Published at 12:40 pm July 19th, 2013
Hall of fame

On the occasion of Humayun Ahmed’s first death anniversary, Yusuf Banna compiles a list of his most popular works. This list has been created based on a popularity vote run on social media:

10. Gauripur Junction: According to poet Nirmalenda Goon, this novella could easily win Humayun a Nobel Prize in literature.

9. Brishti Bilash: Another romantic novel by the author, it takes the readers on an emotional roller coaster. Once you start reading it, you cannot put it down unless you’re finished.

8. Aj Chitrar Biye: This classic love story is a perfect example of Humayun’s almost flawless and effortless writing, It’s a sweet, yet complex, tragic fiction.

7. Nondito Noroke: It’s the very first novel written by the writer, with which his genius was recognised by the country’s intellectuals as well as common readers.

6. Ghetu Putro Komola: It’s the last film directed by Humayun, released after his death. Set in the colonial period, the story revolves around a teenage boy.

5. Shonkhonil Karagar: The second novel written by Humayun, it is yet another war story. It has been adapted into a film as well.

4. Kothao Keu Nei: Written and directed by Humayun, this is probably one of the most popular dramas in the history of Bangladeshi television. The legendary character of Baker Bhai was from this drama.

3. Jochna O Jononir Golpo: This novel is one of many that Humayun wrote on the Liberation War. The epic story revolves around a family and how they cope during the war.

2. Srabon Megher Din: A novel that was adapted into a feature film, this one is considered to be the best directorial project of the writer.

1. Aguner Poroshmoni: Another Liberation War story, this novel is also the first that was adapted into a feature film, directed by the author himself. It won several awards, including the National Award in the Best Film category.