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Dangerous political detachment

  • Published at 05:39 am June 27th, 2013
Dangerous political detachment

That high-level Bangladeshi government officials are so detached from the general public is something that the nation should be fearful of – and take immediate steps to correct.

In a recent incident, a police officer was beaten up by the general public for doing his job, albeit badly, and with unnecessary force. While the general public, and the errant cop are certainly to blame, we should start to look at the root cause of the problem.

The policeman had allegedly beaten up a rickshaw-puller who did not move out of the way soon enough, as said officer cleared the road for a passing minister.

This should raise the question of why the road had to cleared at all. Unless it was an emergency, it doesn't seem fair that the minister should have the luxury of plying uncluttered roads, while making the traffic situation worse for others.

As public servants, ministers should be doing all they can to ensure that they make the lives of everyone in the country easier. Instead, ministers in the nation have become so detached from the common people that they don’t face the same traffic we do, and instead make it worse for their own convenience.

It may only be a matter of time before people protest these kind of actions.

We hope that the leadership in our political parties, recognise this sooner rather than later, lest they eventually fall victim to the same vigilante justice meted out to the police officer, who was acting on their behalf.