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Hiron ‘mentally imbalanced’ after polls defeat: Hasanat

  • Published at 05:04 am June 21st, 2013
Hiron ‘mentally imbalanced’ after polls defeat: Hasanat

The ruling Awami League of Barisal unit seems to have clearly divided into factions, with defeated mayoral candidate Shawkat Hossain Hiron blaming district AL president Abul Hasanat Abdullah for his polling debacle.

The two groups of AL are facing off, protesting against each other centering the defeat.

AL leaders from across the district at a press conference Thursday protested Hiron’s statement against district AL president Abul Hasanat Abdullah.

Hiron blamed the former chief whip Hasanat for his defeat in the election.

“The former mayor has lost his mental balance following his defeat in the BCC polls,” said the pro-Hasanat leaders at the press conference held at the Barisal press club.

The district AL-leaders said his statement is not only false, but also a violation of the party discipline, and this will only benefit the opposition parties.

Hasanat tried his best to back Hiron for BCC mayoral nomination from 14-party alliance and he and other leaders of the district campaigned on his behalf, added the leaders.

Despite his illness and the death of his younger sister’s husband, Hasanat worked for Hiron, they said.

False propagation of the opposition BNP-led 18-party alliance by using religious sentiments and different national issues caused the AL-led 14-party alliance mayor candidates to be defeated not only in Barisal, but also in other three city corporation elections, they explained.

Defeat in city corporations polls is also a defeat for AL, but Hiron is taking that personally. He has lost mental balance and now is creating factions between AL, the district AL leaders said.

Some AL leaders even went to the extent of saying Hiron joined the Awami League after his long-time involvement with other political parties.

He formed AL city and ward units with his former JP leaders and activists who still have good connection with JP. So he has no right to blame Hasanat who is a dedicated AL leader. Hiron was not available for comment.