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In conversation with Kona

  • Published at 06:46 am June 15th, 2013
In conversation with Kona

“A Musical Evening” is arranged by Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre, where versatile and multitalented Dilshad Nahar Kona will entertain the crowd today 6:30pm at IGCC. In a conversation with Dhaka Tribune, the beautiful singer shared her preferences and endeavors:

What songs will you perform tonight?

I am planning to start with “Borsha” and many of my numbers from my hit albums. Of course I will also be singing several Nazrul songs and also classical Indian and Bangla songs.

What are you working on at present?

Right now I am working on an album that is comprised of only Nazrul’s songs, I am already done with four songs of the album and hoping to release it soon. I am always working on jingles, before you caught up with me, I was on my way to give voice for a jingle.

Recently I have done playback for a number of films with music directors Debashish Biswas, Sawkat Ali Emon and Emon Saha. I enjoyed singing as playback for the movies “Bhalobasha Jindabad” and “Probashir Prem” recently.

Summer is a busy time as I have to go abroad for performances, just last week I was in the UK and soon I will be travelling to the US for another show.

Among playback and solo, which one do you prefer?

I love singing in general, when I am singing, I am transported to a universe of my own, where nothing exists except my music. I enjoy travelling to different places and entertaining crowds but studio work holds a special appeal for me and I want to continue playback singing all my life like my favourite singer Asha Bhosle.

I have also worked in India. During the making of my album “Simply Kona,” I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Sri Lankan singer-composer Iraj Weeraratne.

Who are your favourite musicians and directors?

Without any doubt Bappa Mazumdar, he is my big brother and I owe him a lot. There are many things which he has taught me. In general, I enjoy working in the music industry and so far had a good experience of working with all the music directors, they were all very kind and accommodating.

I love Runa Laila, she is a one of a kind diva of our industry and she is truly admirable. Besides Runa Laila, I am a die-hard fan of Asha Bhosle, she is so great and her music is timeless.


The versatile and talented Kona started her education as a singer from a very early age. She has acquired her training from Nazrul Academy and her professional career began on 2000. She is the only artist in Bangladesh who released an album in 2012 comprising of 9 music videos of her songs.