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20 villages and 40,000 people bear the brunt of tidal surge

  • Published at 04:34 am May 29th, 2013
20 villages and 40,000 people bear the brunt of tidal surge

Several weeks after cyclone Mahasen swept across the country’s coastal region nearly 40,000 people in 20 villages of Bhola are still suffering due to the devastating tidal surge.

Embankments in Charfassion, Tajimuddin, Burhanuddin, Manpura, and Bhola Sadar upazila where either completely or partially damaged by the tidal surge, causing sufferings for the residents of these areas.

Due to the destruction of the flood embankments the five upazila have been inundated by nearly four feet of water. In some areas deep tube wells have been submerged.

The worst affected areas are: Kachia, Dhania, Majherchar, Uttar Dighaldi of Sadar, Baro Manikya, Hasan Nagor, and Gangapur of Borhanuddin, Dhal Char, Char Kukri-Mukri, Char Patila of Charfassion, Char Nizam and Char Kalatali in Monpura, and Sachra union of Tajimuddin upazila.

People who work as daily labourers, and dwellers of slums and makeshift houses in the area have been most affected by the flash floods and tidal surge.

Locals are trying to mitigate the situation and protect their domestic animals by constructing high platforms.

Cases of water borne diseases have been caused by unsafe drinking water. Crops, cultivated fields, and small fish farms have been destroyed. 

Md Bahar, a schoolteacher from Kachia said fish that he farmed in a pond were washed away by the flash flood and tidal surge. 

Amena Begum, Rahima Bibi, and Sharifa Bibi, housewives from Dhania, said they do not have any place to cook meals.

Shariful Islam, a member of Dhania union parishad, said 200 homes and families are marooned in Baliakandi because of the absence of an embankment.

Locals said the construction of embankments by the government could solve the issue permanently. 

Fazle Elahi, sub-assistant engineer of Water Development Board in Bhola, said repair work on the damaged embankments would start very soon. But the construction of new embankments will take a little longer because they have to wait for budget allocations.