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Secondary enrolment rises by 25%

  • Published at 03:52 am May 19th, 2013
Secondary enrolment rises by 25%

Bangladesh has achieved a significant progress in students’ attendance in the secondary schools, a recent report said.

“The Education Watch 2011-2012,” conducted by Campaign for Popular Education that was released last week said the gross enrolment rates in the secondary level schools have gone up by 24.9% from 1998 to date.

This gross enrolment ratio is the number of children currently enrolled in classes 6-10 in every 100 children of age 11-15 years.

The ratios were 44.8%, 49.4% and 64.5% in the year 1998, 2000 and 2005 respectively, while the current ratio stands at 69.7%.

The report also says more than two third of the young people aged 10-24 years are continuing education in some type of schooling.

Manzoor Ahmed, one of the researchers of the report said: “Our study shows that there has been major progress in respect of young people joining in the foundation skills development process through formal general education. An encouraging news is that the proportion of never enrolled is relatively small at 2.2%.”

The report, however, points out that there are urban-rural and regional differences in the gross enrolment ratio. It says there is an overall gap of 13.5% between the areas having the highest and lowest percentages, and this difference is 8.2% in the urban locations.

According to the report, Rangpur division is performing better compared to other divisions’ continuation of children and youth education. The percentage of rural Dhaka and urban Khulna in access and participation is found to be the worst. The report also says the rate of female participation in education is higher all over the country, compared to male participation with one exception of Rajshahi division.

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid, meanwhile, commented that some of the government initiatives, including distribution of textbooks to secondary level, were playing significant role in increasing the enrolment rate. The government was working to increase the enrolment rate further, the minister added.