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Three Rohingyas arrested

  • Published at 04:02 am May 14th, 2013
Three Rohingyas arrested

Armed Police Battalion (APBn) arrested three Rohingyas while they were trying to go abroad with fake Bangladeshi passports from the Shahjalal International Airport in the capital on Monday.

The arrestees were Afsana Akhter, 20, Safia Khatun, 19, and Md Omar Farukh, 20.

Senior Police Superintendent of APBn Alamgir Hossain, said Afsana and Safia booked two tickets of Mihin Lanka Airlines (Pvt.) Limited to Thailand. The flight was supposed to take off at noon. They came to the airport before three hours of the flight takeoff.

Safia told the police that she wanted to go to Thailand to meet her husband. Afsana is her relative.

On the other hand, Omar wanted to go to Saudi Arabia by an Air India flight.

Alamgir said they arrested Omar around 9am from the check-in row as he was behaving suspiciously. Inspecting his papers, police found those to be fake. He told the police that some of his relatives live in Saudi Arabia and all of them used fake Bangladeshi passport to go abroad.

The arrestees were hailed from Mongdu of Myanmar.

In the past few years, Rohingyas were seen continuing their desperate efforts to travel abroad with Bangladeshi passports.

APBn handed over the arrestees to the Airport Police Station. Separate cases would be filed against them.