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Respect for all

  • Published at 07:51 pm May 4th, 2013

Despite the government urging Hefazat-e-Islam to withdraw their May 5 Dhaka blockade, the latter has disregarded all appeals and, what’s more, they claim they will topple the government and replace it with Shari’ah, and the Constitution with the Koran, if the government stops them. They have even formed teams of volunteers ready to give their lives if need be.

This reeks of absolute disrespect for the government and the public. Hefazat has shown an unwillingness to sit at the negotiation table and start a dialogue, whereas, the government has pursued every opportunity for dialogue and compromise.

The thing is no one is standing in Hefazat’s way. No one has said they have no right to voice their concerns or to believe what they want to believe. But for Hefazat to tell anyone else what to do or believe is just wrong.

And, for that matter, who gives them the right to besiege Dhaka and stop whoever they want from coming in and out of the city? No one.

It is one thing to hold rallies, to assemble and demonstrate, but to threaten to besiege Dhaka and overthrow the government is little short of sedition.

This is a democracy, and, in this democracy, Hefazat does have a voice, and a right to speak their minds. But to accompany their words with threats is unconscionable.

We are willing to listen to them. We are willing to sit with them in dialogue and hear them out. But, they need to respect us as well. Unfortunately, their actions and their threats indicate their refusal to even do that much.

It is one thing to say what one wants. It is quite another to impose oneself on another. That is inexcusable.