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Let unity reign

  • Published at 07:58 pm May 4th, 2013
Let unity reign

In the wake of the recent Savar tragedy, it is encouraging to see that political leaders in our country are willing to work together towards a common goal.

The recent moves from both major political parties should give the nation hope that leaders from both parties are amenable to finding a feasible solution to the political deadlock that has developed over the last few months. An end may actually be in sight.

What is even more heartening is that this is not a result of one side or another caving in. Both sides seem willing to make concessions and the view from outside makes it seem like they may be able to reach some sort of compromise.

While it is indeed unfortunate that a tragedy of the likes of Savar was the necessary catalyst to bring about dialogue between the government and opposition, it seems that our political leaders recognise that the time has come for national unity – that our country cannot afford a broken political system at such a time.

The conciliatory moves made by both parties, withdrawing of hartals by BNP and the release of incarcerated opposition leaders on the part of the government, and the talks that are being scheduled between the two parties are hopefully a sign of things to come.

With the elections coming up later in the year, it is imperative that these initiatives continue so that we can expect a free and fair election, where the voices of the people, which have been increasingly vocal as of late, can actually be heard through a legitimate democratic process.