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Intake of citrus fruits prevents kidney stones

  • Published at 10:10 am May 2nd, 2013
Intake of citrus fruits prevents kidney stones

Kidney stones causes a lot of pain. It can be reduced with the intake of citrate juice like lemonade or oranges that prevents the development of the calcium oxalates stones and also lowers urine acidity.

But not all juices include the same outcome. Diluted lemon juice or lemonade is preferred for patient with calcium stone, said Urologist, Dr Shoab Alam.

A study said three cups of orange juice a day did the job better. 

According to that study consumption of apples and cranberry are good for some stones but bad for others. 

But opposite effect observed in grapefruit. A cup of grapefruit juice increased the risks of stone formation in kidney as much as 44%.