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Google celebrates 21st birthday with a doodle

  • Published at 04:41 pm September 27th, 2019
Screenshot of today's Google doodle

The company has grown a lot since its humble beginnings as a web search engine

Search engine giant Google is celebrating its 21st birthday with a doodle.

Google was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998 and now operates all over the world in over 100 languages.

The birthday is celebrated with a doodle which shows a desktop computer with a Google search screen. The doodle has a timestamp also dated September 27, 1998, according to CNET.

In 1998, Brin and Page published a paper about launching a prototype of a “large-scale search engine.” 

"We chose our systems name, Google, because it is a common spelling of googol, or 10100 and fits well with our goal of building very large-scale search engines,” the founders wrote.

Initially, the Google was overshadowed by rivals such as Yahoo and Ask Jeeves, but it kept growing and now it is the world's most popular websites, with its parent company Alphabet Inc worth an estimated $137b last year.

Google has changed its birthday date several times. Initially, until 2005 its birthday was celebrated on September 7, then on September 8, and September 26, and more recently its birthday is being celebrated on September 27.

A Google doodle is product of Google that appears temporarily on special occasions in place of Google’s permanent logo on the homepage. The doodle marks important festivals, people, achievements and holidays. The first-ever Google doodle was made in honor of the Burning Man Festival of 1998.