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Roma legend Totti's shirt launched into space

  • Published at 08:13 pm August 2nd, 2017
  • Last updated at 08:40 pm August 2nd, 2017
Roma legend Totti's shirt launched into space
With the blessing of the man himself, an Italian rocket design company have blasted Francesco Totti's iconic Roma shirt into space, reports espnfc.com. On Tuesday, Avio loaded an exact replica of the shirt Totti wore on his 786th and final appearance for Roma into a capsule and launched it into orbit. According to Roma's official website, it was the club themselves who first suggested propelling Totti's jersey into space to immortalise their retiring legend's commitment and dedication over the years. The plan was then endorsed by Totti, thus leaving Avio -- a "worldwide leader in the field of space travel" -- to make it a reality. It's all utterly pointless of course, but you've got to admire the ambition.