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Straight Bat: Shakib’s injury, Tamim’s form, weak bowling, and the rain

  • Published at 02:09 pm June 11th, 2019
Bangladesh's Shakib al Hasan plays a shot during their World Cup match against England in Cardiff Saturday Dhaka Tribune/Md Manik from Cardiff

Bangladesh’s optimistic netizens are scared that rains will steal their two points away

Shakib was injured while batting against England. He was in pain but he went on to get a century. Tests have not shown anything yet but scan reports are due. If bad, he may not play. That is nasty news. He has been splendid and leads the batting table with 260 runs from three matches. He is also the iconic member of the team whose presence lifts team spirit.  

Tamim’s form has been damp. He has scored 59 from three and was not the play-maker people are used to seeing.  The Bangladesh (BD)–WI–Ireland tri series—which he stormed—now seems a distant memory. Tamim has been training hard and knows what the stakes are in the next match against Sri Lanka (SL).  

A win is needed, not just for the cup, but team pride as well. After two defeats, a win is becoming a psychological must for all. Sri Lanka—along with Afghanistan and the West Indies—is more-or-less on par with Bangladesh. So the next match really counts as one where BD has some realistic chances of winning.

Advantage Sri Lanka or BD ? 

Sri Lanka may not be able to play at full power as Nuwan Pradeep, their main strike bowler, is out due to an injury. To SL, Bangladesh would be a target team as well. With three points already in its bank, it has placed higher than Bangladesh and a win would consolidate their position on the top half of the table.  

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While all this is going on, people are now asking questions about Bangladesh's team selection. Mashrafee is a non-performing captain, to some, and many want Rubel in. Most agree that its Saifuddin who has done well, better than the Fizz. So, who else? 

Let’s face it, Bangladesh’s  bowling, spin, or pace is below par at the moment. It IS a batting team and they need to score high to take the pressure off the not-so-terrific bowlers to chase a target down .  

Spin attack has not worked but Bangladesh may try it one last time as SL is a sub-continental team. While everyone now agrees that the bowling and its strategy has not worked, nobody is sure what will work. Many are worrying with so many games still left.        

Social media groups are asking for heads but that does not guarantee a win. Performances are needed fast and tomorrow is a big test.      

What if rains hit ? 

Bangladesh’s optimistic netizens are scared that rains will steal their two points away as they think SL is not a great side. So, prayers are ongoing to keep the rains away. However rains are forecast. 

A smaller group, however, would be relieved if it does rain. They say it is better to get one point than none at all. To get three would be good—when none are possible—so, some will smile if it rains.