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Straight Bat: SA-WI washout

  • Published at 11:20 am June 11th, 2019
Nicholas Pooran Cricket World Cup - Australia v West Indies
West Indies' Nicholas Pooran in action at the ICC Cricket World Cup - Australia v West Indies - Trent Bridge, Nottingham, Britain on June 6, 2019 Reuters

Enough is enough for a game that did not take place

It was billed as the rainiest day of the year, and the weather—for once—kept its promise. By 4:30pm the match was declared over. Yet, some people stuck around for hours, hoping it would continue. Some said it was a great game that did not happen. I wonder if South Africa (SA) will shed tears – despite what they say publicly. A point is a point and, before it began pouring, they had none. 

The West Indies (WI) will feel miffed. They had SA two down for 29, after seven overs, and SA was looking shaky. However, then they had three points – it was their fault that they did not pray hard enough to the rain gods. 

On the match 

Faf du Plessis said: “It was important, not losing many wickets, but they did well to get two.  Small totals favour the team that bats second [Seriously?!] We didn't play our best cricket so far. We have got to beat Afghanistan in the next game."

Jason Holder said that it was a: “Really good start again by the bowlers. So far we've been getting new ball wickets. We don't mind giving away runs. Three in three would make us happy at the start of the tournament.” 

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South Africa can get a maximum of 11 points which means winning the next five. They are not completely out, yet. The West Indies will feel they have lost a lot more today. Ah, well. Rains... life...cricket goes on. 

Cricinfo fan, Rakesh, perhaps summed up the game’s spirit and concern best –about the weather not the game. Super soppers, machines used to dry the field, were expected to do miracles but it might take a few miracles to have confidence in them. "I thought a super sopper would look like a fancy military grade chopper or a high tech machine. But it's just a bland road roller wrapped in a huge sponge. Disappointed!" 

It sounds so embarrassing for the International Cricket Council. Bails do not fall, soppers are dull-looking and inefficient. Plus, Royal Family members are having birthdays, children, and jewelry – though not necessarily in that order.  The IS is becoming more important in Afghanistan than the Taliban. That is serious as it is the only team everyone thinks can be beaten – particularly the proles lying at the bottom of the table. 

Enough is enough for a game that did not take place. Any more and we might have to discuss soccer players' sex scandals on trips to foreign lands. Cheerio and here comes tomorrow.