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Shakib’s injury state creates more chaos

  • Published at 02:42 am October 7th, 2018
Bangladesh's Shakib al Hasan takes rest following surgery to remove pus from his left little finger at Apollo Hospital in Dhaka Shakib al Hasan's Facebook page

Shakib al Hasan, who left for Australia for his treatment Friday, stunned his followers with his words before boarding the flight

Bangladesh cricketer Shakib al Hasan’s injury saga rocked the cricketing fraternity of the country with the anxiety that the left-arm all-rounder’s little finger may not heal fully ever again. 

But it was revealed that the concerns had been looming even before he appeared in the Asia Cup in the UAE. Shakib, who left for Australia for his treatment Friday, stunned his followers with his words before boarding the flight. 

“This finger will not cure 100%. The bone is soft so it has no chance to heal. With the surgery I will be able to hold the bat and keep playing cricket,” said Shakib to the media.

The statement however, created a misconception as the fuming supporters thought his participation in the Asia Cup created this unwanted consequence, but physicians warned about the situation a couple of months ago. 

It was in August when it was first mentioned that a full recovery of Shakib’s injured finger will not be possible. 

BCB chief physician Dr Debashish Chowdhury had told the media then, “At this moment he is not being able to fold his finger 100%, he feels pain and has to take injections for that. He is being able to play with this but this is just a temporary solution. Surgery will not give him a 100% recovery but a better percentage of being able to fold the finger.”

Shakib injured his little finger in January against Sri Lanka during the tri-nation series at home, and needed to go through treatment to heal that. 

But the all-rounder could not afford to spare time as he took part in the Indian Premier League T20, where he played 17 matches, before playing a full tour, consisting of Test matches, ODIs and T20Is against the West Indies in the middle of the year. 

Shakib following his return from the tour of the Caribbean in August this year had cited the need of an immediate surgery. However, later series of discussions between Shakib, the BCB and the medical team reached the decision that the player would take part in the Asia Cup, and undergo a surgery after the tournament.

Despite the medical condition, Shakib went to play the Asia Cup and the decision backfired after he was ruled out from the competition at a crucial point.

The left-handed batsman was in no condition to hold his bat, let alone take part in a game, and after an urgent return home, it was discovered had doctors made further delay of extracting pus from his infected hand, it would have become dysfunctional. 

It was also known that he had two weeks for full recovery of the infection, before undergoing a surgery of bone that may help his healing process. 

The state of Bangladesh’s prize asset made supporters angry and they raised their fingers towards the BCB for mishandling the situation, and stress the country’s most famous player to broken point. There is however, no relation of the infection harming his bone as of yet, and to be a cause for Shakib’s finger not recovering by 100%. 

Dhaka Tribune in its findings could not find a claim of such where the infection has been cited as the cause for not having a 100% recovery of the fracture. There is also the difference of complete recovery of a fractured bone and it being functional. 

In most cases of a fracture, the bone does not return to its original state after healing but to a state of function to do regular activities and in Shakib’s case, play cricket.

“Shakib has his infection under control at the moment and all the updates are continually being relayed to the hand surgeon abroad. The surgery is ultimately to be done by a hand surgeon (Dr. Greg Hoy) and he is fine with the treatment that has been done so far,” said Dr Debashish to Dhaka Tribune Saturday.

“The infection is better and will take some more time to cure. A bone surgery will not be possible before the infection is fully cured. We were told to send Shakib to Australia after full cure of the infection but we thought to have him first see doctors specialised on joint infection and if the situation is under control, he will be referred to a hand surgeon for the surgery,” he added.          

The burning question remains however, as to how no one in the team management or even Shakib failed to anticipate the severe infection and safeguard him from peril. 

Shakib carrying the injury played four matches in the Asia Cup and ahead of a crucial tie against Pakistan, learnt he has been hit by the infection.

Just after returning home Shakib said he informed about his discomfort to team physio Thihan Chandramohan in the UAE but he gave a green signal to continue before a scan on the day before the Pakistan game revealed the dire condition. 

Chandramohan has been accompanying Shakib and pacer Abul Hasan, who had a surgery on his injured ankle Friday in Australia, and was not available for a statement. 

However, under the current circumstances, BCB has to face the fans’ ire for being careless but its director Jalal Younus told Dhaka Tribune that they took prompt decision whenever the team management sought help regarding the all-rounder. 

“I am not aware if Shakib, team physio Thihan or head coach Steve (Rhodes) could assess the situation. The infection was only revealed after Shakib complained of severe pain half way through the Asia Cup. He was sent for checkup in Dubai and his reports were sent to Dr Greg and it was only after that it was revealed that Shakib was not having swelling of his hand due to inflammation, but suspected infection. The doctors immediately made Shakib quit being part of the team and he was sent back to Dhaka on urgent basis,” said Jalal Saturday.