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Forcing injured Shakib to play raises questions

  • Published at 10:28 pm September 28th, 2018
Bangladesh's Shakib al Hasan takes rest following surgery to remove pus from his left little finger at Apollo Hospital in Dhaka Shakib al Hasan's Facebook page

Shakib al Hasan is now admitted in a hospital in Dhaka and cannot make his next move until the infection in his bowling hand has been cured

Forcing Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib al Hasan towards a critical stage with his injured finger by playing him in the Asia Cup, instead of letting him have surgery to repair it, has caused an outrage among the cricketing fraternity of the country. 

The Bangladesh cricket fanatics took to social media to express their displeasure as news broke that Shakib might have almost lost function in his left hand if he hadn’t received immediate treatment to remove the pus that had formed in the injured little finger. 

Following Bangladesh’s tour of the Caribbean in June-August this year, the left-arm all-rounder had cited urgency of a surgery on his injured finger. 

But the BCB and the team management urged the cricketer to be a part of the Asia Cup and have surgery following the tournament, risking the chance of the injury becoming worse.

As it happened, Shakib arrived in the UAE only to be forced out of it before the must-win Super Four match against Pakistan Wednesday before being rushed back to Dhaka with the pain becoming unbearable and the finger swelling to the point where he was unable to hold a bat properly. 

It was planned to send him to either Melbourne or New York for the much-needed bone surgery. 

But Thursday evening, the cricketer could not endure the pain anymore. 

He had to rush to a local hospital in Dhaka to remove the pus formed in the injured hand. 

The news had spread like wildfire and Shakib took to his social media pages to give an update on his condition. 

“When I returned back home from the Asia Cup due to pain and swelling on my injured finger, I hadn’t realised the situation had gotten so bad. Because of this, I had to get admitted to the hospital, where doctors performed emergency surgery, to get rid of 70-80 ml of pus,” Shakib wrote on his Facebook fan page.

“Because of all your prayers and well wishes, I have been saved from much greater danger. I will need another surgery very quickly though. Please keep me in your prayers and well wishes so that I can make a full recovery and return to the national team as soon as possible,” the left-arm all-rounder added.

The entire situation has raised eyebrows over how professional the board has been to risk one of their best cricketers to this stage.

The need of the surgery was widely reported and spoken of. 

But as it happened, Shakib was treated as indispensable, despite the condition he was in. 

There was a point, just ahead of the tournament, when Shakib stated of his poor fitness but it looked to have not reached the ears of those concerned. 

Who will take responsibility for such a fiasco? 

Shakib is now admitted in a hospital in Dhaka and cannot make his next move until the infection in his bowling hand has been cured.