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Don’t be a cry baby

  • Published at 11:38 pm June 15th, 2017
  • Last updated at 05:50 am July 26th, 2017
Don’t be a cry baby
Whenever Bangladesh face India, there are a lot of talks among fans from the two teams, which creates headlines but obviously, not always in a positive way. There were some incidents in the past, which may have created some distance between the fans of the two sides. This correspondent repeats, animosity prevails only among the fans of the two teams and not among the players. Probably it all started in the 2015 World Cup quarter-final in Melbourne. Even before the game started, there was an infamous Indian TV commercial titled “Mauka Mauka” where all the opponent teams of India, including Bangladesh, were mocked. The advertisement ignited fire among the Bangladesh fans across the world. And since then, the fans of the two teams have been hostile towards each other. Going back to the clash two years ago, one must also admit that there were some umpiring errors. But it should also be mentioned that the umpires are humans as well. The no-ball incident that took place off the bowling of Rubel Hossain when Rohit Sharma was caught at deep square-leg was the reason why the Tigers fans got upset. Replays showed that the ball was under waist height of Rohit and the fans' miseries were completed when he went on to smash a hundred. Another talked about incident was the catch of Mahmudullah at the boundary rope. Taken sharply by Shikhar Dhawan, the catch was later given as a six, much to the fury of the Bangladesh fans. As a result, many sets of Tigers supporters termed the ICC as “Indian Cricket Council” as the BCCI holds major influence in world cricket. Since then, rivalry among the fans of these two teams has reached its peak. Some Tigers supporters even said revenge was served when Bangladesh beat India in the three-ODI series at home later that year. And once again, when the Tigers confirmed their berth in the semi-finals of the 2017 Champions Trophy, the shenanigans had already started. [caption id="attachment_69444" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Tamim Iqbal listens as Kohli makes a point following the end of their match DHAKA TRIBUNE[/caption] Supporters from both sides started to troll each other's players on social media and other platforms, which does catch the attention of world cricket. But as this reporter has already mentioned, the players of the two sides share a very sporting relationship both on and off the field. Coming to the semi-final clash on Thursday, there were no controversial decisions or favouritism as India deservedly won the game, dominating the Tigers in all three departments. However, many Bangladesh fans started trolling Indian skipper Virat Kohli’s reaction after Mushfiqur Rahim was dismissed. One should not forget that it was a crucial breakthrough for the bowling side and the ball off which Mushfiq got out was there to be hit outside the park. And when the batsman only managed to gift a catch, the reaction from Kohli, who was wailing his tongue, actually meant that they were extremely lucky to get a wicket off a loose delivery. But then again, the Bangladesh supporters, who seemed hurt to say the least, started to mock the Indian captain. This is unbecoming from the Tigers fans, considering that Bangladesh are now a major cricketing force to be reckoned with. On Thursday, a solid India side thoroughly outclassed Bangladesh to reach the grand finale. One can only hope that there will not be any questions among the Tigers fans until the next time they meet as Bangladesh just lost to a better opposition on the day.