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Shakib pressurized to surrender, says former BCB president

  • Published at 10:57 pm October 30th, 2019
Saber Hossain Chowdhury Dhaka Tribune/Mahmud Hossain Opu

Saber Hossain Chowdhury made the comment during an open discussion organized by online portal Bangla Tribune under the banner “cricket in crisis” Wednesday

Former Bangladesh Cricket Board president and current member of parliament, Saber Hossain Chowdhury suspects the sanction slammed on suspended Shakib al Hasan may be an outcome of an unholy collaboration between the BCB and the International Cricket Council.

Saber made the comment during an open discussion organized by online portal Bangla Tribune under the banner “cricket in crisis” Wednesday.

Bangladesh Test and T20I captain Shakib Tuesday was banned by the ICC from all forms of cricket for a period of two years, with one year of that suspended, after the ace all-rounder accepted three charges of breaching the ICC Anti-Corruption Code. 

“I think there was collaboration between the ICC and BCB in this issue [of Shakib]. A number of incidents took place on the same day. It is detailed in the ICC report. Shakib was officially interviewed on 29th [October, 2019]. Shakib agreed on that day and had signed the letter of agreement and ICC revealed it on their website on the same day. On 29th, the BCB had a meeting and declared the team for India series following ICC’s announcement,” said Saber at the discussion.

“Everything (happened) on the same day. This means ICC was in collaboration with the cricketer in doing this. Then why will the BCB meeting start at three in the afternoon? And why would it run till the ICC announcement? How come so many incidents took place on the same day? This means they knew a decision from the ICC will come on the 29th,” the former BCB president added.

Saber claimed that the BCB had the option to support of Shakib for the period of ban imposed on the cricketer.

“BCB almost immediately circulated a media release and had to some extent welcomed the decision. The ICC verdict mentioned three separate incidents [as Shakib’s offences]. I think they should postmortem the incident so that it does not take place again. The current ICC code of conduct has been implemented on February 9 and in accordance to that, Shakib is not guilty of two from the three charges that has been brought against him,” said Saber.

“Shakib would have been charged with only one offence and for which, the punishment would have been six months. Here, the BCB should have asked an explanation from them [ICC],” he added.

Saber claimed that Shakib was under pressure to agree to the sanction, and said, “It is mentioned in the ICC report that Shakib feels a formal hearing is not required here and he wants to save time. Hearing and self-advocacy is part of the natural justice system. Shakib has been pressurized to surrender saying the punishment will be lenient.”

“It’s the duty of the cricket board to stand beside the cricketer. What was the issue if they [BCB] had done the agreement with the ICC following the India series? So many incidents in a day and there was no collaboration between ICC and the BCB? I do not believe that,” said the former BCB chief.