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The incredible read aloud

  • Published at 02:47 pm November 18th, 2019
Mehedi Hasan

A performance by Her Story foundation

The second day of DLF was jam packed of interesting and exciting sessions and performances geared towards the young. A performance “The Incredible Read Aloud” was held on Nazrul stage by Her Story Foundation, which for women empowerment and gender equality. Last year they launched their book “Her Stories: Adventure of Supergirls”.

Th performance was based on the stories of two strong women born 1000 years apart who used their sense of observation, intuition and good judgment to help people live better. The first “supergirl” was Khona and the second supergirl was Dr Siddika Kabir. Even though there are centuries between them, both of the women are similar in their empathy and intuition.  Ten young children from the Jaago Primary School, which works with underprivileged children, brought these stories to life by acting out each line.

The special guest of this performance was our education minister Dipu Moni. She came on stage to distribute books among the young performers. She thanked the Her story team for their beautiful initiative of trying to bring back gender equality in society. The way they are going to different schools and spreading the knowledge of gender equality is very important to change the outlook of the future generation towards women empowerment.

“Women and men, both of them create an equal balance in the society. But somehow men get the attention everywhere and women stay behind,” she stated, and commended the organizers of the session for their efforts to balance the scales.