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Altu Faltu : Bangla street slang -- a new aesthetic

  • Published at 01:31 pm November 18th, 2019
altu faltu
Rajib Dhar

Tackling the taboo

Altu Faltu : Bangla street slang -- a new aesthetic, as the title promises, was a very interesting session, held at day two of Dhaka Lit Fest, 2019. 

Qaushiq Mukherjee, popularly known as Q, is an Indian film director. Mukherjee has made captivating films like Gandu, Tasher Desh, and Ludo. 

“ We were taught growing up that using slangs casually couldn’t be accepted in any way,” says Shibhu Kumer Shill, Bengali author, artist, and moderator of the session. 

Q talks about how it is okay for street slangs or slangs in general to be used. He went on to utter some very colourful phrases, not commonly heard in polite company, and which are, therefore, unprintable in this report.

His point was to question the rationale behind the censorship of profanity. “ Swearing can have a magical effect on language.” he said. While the truth of that is debatable, the audience evidently enjoyed the list of profanities being uttered by the speaker.