TikTok makes Tahsan and Purnima Safety Ambassadors

TikTok has recently announced the launch of its Safety Ambassadors Program, as a part of its goal to foster a safe and welcoming platform for its vibrant, diverse communities.

TikTok offers a range of safety and privacy controls to protect users, with even stronger proactive protections to help keep teens safe. This includes making accounts belonging to those under the age of 16 private by default, reserving features like Direct Messaging to people 16 and older, and enabling parents to guide their teen's TikTok presence with Family Pairing.

Actor-singer Tahsan Khan and actor, media personality Dilara Hanif Purnima, have joined forces with TikTok to feature in-app campaigns. The ambassadors' video campaigns, released on a bi-monthly basis, will cover a range of educational topics, including digital wellbeing, trust, and safety, as well as key features like Family Pairing mode, which allows parents and teens to customise their safety settings based on individual needs.

The first campaign under this program is the launch of Family Pairing mode, announced and narrated by Tahsan and Purnima, which went live on Thursday with #tiktokfamily. This feature aims to provide a greater parental control over their children's activities on TikTok, making it easier for parents to feel comfortable with their children using TikTok.

The Family Pairing Feature will give parents access to their children's TikTok accounts--by linking their own TikTok accounts with the childrens'--allowing them to control who the children talk to, what content they watch, and how much time they spend on the app. In addition to monitoring who their children can talk to, parents can also limit who can send messages to the connected account or turn off direct messaging completely.

"I am delighted to see TikTok's commitments in helping facilitate important conversations within families about the responsible navigation of digital platforms. Online safety and digital wellbeing is a shared responsibility and we all must play our parts. I am honoured to play mine in collaborating with this timely and essential campaign," said Tahsan Khan.

"In today's world, we cannot imagine lives without internet and smartphones. The same goes for out tech-savvy children as well. But no matter how digitally literate they are, as adults and parents it our responsibility to look after their well being. I applaud TikTok's initiatives to foster a safe and welcoming platform for teens and I'm delighted to be a part of this campaign," said Dilara Hanif Purnima.

The Family Pairing feature is part of an ongoing effort to give parents more control over their childrens' online experiences, stated TikTok. . 


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