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Salman's mother calls Shabnur "a third class woman"

  • Published at 07:38 pm February 28th, 2020
Popular film star Shabnur hits back at Salman's mother for calling her "a third class woman"| Facebook

Salman's mother said: "If we had really wanted our son to marry a film star, Moushumi would have been a far better option

In light of the recent PBI report declaring Salman's death as a suicide, the late actor's mother Nila Chowdhury was recently interviewed by a private Television network. During her appearance, she dismissed all claims of a potential romantic relationship between her son and popular film star Shabnur.

On the other hand, a few key witnesses in their statements to the PBI alleged that Salman had an extramarital affair with film star Shabnur, which caused a rift in his marriage with Samira. 

One of them being Monoara Begum, the then domestic help of Salman Shah, who said: “Salman wanted to form a family with two wives. Samira, however, did not agree to his proposal and told Salman to marry Shabnur after divorcing her.”

In response to these statements, Salman's mother said: "My son would never entertain the thought of extending his family with the likes of Shabnur. She's a third class woman."

"Shabnur made a name for herself by acting in films. What else has she got? Does she even have a decent family? We all are aware of the pitiful social status of film stars in our country," she added, though the irony of her statements seemed lost on herself.

Salman's mother also mentioned film star Moushumi in her interview.

She said: "If we had really wanted our son to marry a film star, Moushumi would have been a far better option. She was Salman's first female co-star."

PBI reports that Salman Shah had a romantic relationship with co-star Shabnur| Facebook

Shabnur, who currently resides in Australia with her family, has expressed outrage at Chowdhury's comments. Shabnur said to the press: "Salman's mother had no right to spew out such nonsense about my family. She must withdraw her statements. Moreover, I would like to tell Nila Chowdhury to read up on my family's social position.

"When I first came to the film industry, my goal was to work hard and make a name for myself without ever resorting to using that of my family."

Shabnur has previously expressed her disappointment to the press about the recent developments regarding Salman's suicide. Nila Chowdhury's comments might have been the final nail in the coffin for the popular silver screen star. 

Shabnur said: "If I were her daughter, could she have ever said such a vicious thing about me in public?

Following the PBI report, Shabnur came out to the press and appealed to everyone not to drag her name through the mud. She claimed that her reputation was being deliberately tarnished by certain groups who want to profit off the tragedy surrounding Salman's untimely demise.