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Songs that made you groove in 2019

  • Published at 10:03 am December 29th, 2019
Still from the song 'Ishwar' YouTube

 Dhaka Tribune’s Showtime picks some of the exciting songs of the year that made the listeners groove or emotional in 2019

2019 has been a unique year for the music industry worldwide.   Both Bangladeshi and international music arena saw rise of young artistes who were brave enough to blend genres and pushing the boundaries. This is the year in which meme artist –turned rapper produced one of the hit tracks of the years.  Thus, we can this has been one hell of a year for pop and rap music. 

Dhaka Tribune’s Showtime picks some of the exciting songs of the year that made the listeners groove or emotional in 2019. 

“Shotti Naki Bhul”

Movie: No Dorai 

“Shotti Naki Bhul" second official soundtrack of the film "NoDorai". Sang by Pritom Hasan, the song has gained popularity for its melodic tune and romantic lyrics. 

On November 9, the song was premiered and so far has been viewed 732,997 times.


Band: EIDA

"Nightdriver" is EIDA's fourth release from the album "Pop Songs for No One.” The English number will remind you about the 80’s pop music. EIDA is an emerging indie band that has shaken up the indie-pop scene of Bangladesh.

The song was released on June 27 and till now has 141,363 views on YouTube.


Band: Vikings 

The song is from the album “Boyosh Jokhon Ekush”. It is a tribute song to Ayub Bachchhu. One of the best rock numbers of the year. 

The video was premiered on October 17 and has been viewed 500,834 times.

 “It Might Be Time” 

Band: Tame Impala

One of the very groovy and popish songs of the year is by Kevin Parker.  The multi instrumentalist describes middle age crisis in such melodic wonderful way.

On October 28, the video was released and has been viewed 6,562,339 times, so far.


Singer: Khalid 

Khalid’s beats and voice make the song a perfect club number, however, its lyrics make us question how we handle relationships. 

One of the earliest releases in this list from 11 March, and has been viewed 227,999,624 times on YouTube.

“Breaking Down” 

Band: Black Keys 

The Black Keys’ neo-vintage rock number, “Breaking Down,” combines electric sitar and distorted lead guitar, instantly take the listeners on voyage of groovy music. Intro of the song is amazing and a pleasure to the ears. 

The video was launched on YouTube on June 27, and so far has been viewed 187,621 times.